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Reflect and Renew: Creating Connections through Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

  • 6th Annual SoTLA Conference
  • Friday, January 14th, 2022
  • Virtual - Zoom

West Chester University's Sixth Annual Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (SoTLA) conference, hosted by the Academic Affairs Division, is focused on enhancing faculty members' scholarship related to assessment, classroom engagement, and online technology within the higher education community.  Organized by the Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation, the conference promotes the dissemination of research into our craft of teaching in higher education, demonstrating ways in which our scholarship and instruction can inform one another and center on the needs and goals of our students. 

Keynote - Dr. Tracey Ray Robinson

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, West Chester University

Examining the prerequisites to equity-mindedness in the age of attacks on diversity, inclusion, and global understanding

What does it mean to be equity-minded?  In what ways does equity-mindedness differ from increasing your diversity awareness, engaging in strategies for inclusion, or further advancing your cultural competence?   While recent laws have been characterized as ‘equity gag-orders, addressing divisive concepts, or race and sex scapegoating,’ the goal is to continue to oppress and marginalize groups of individuals.  To be equity-minded one must actively walk the talk and demonstrate a personal commitment to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in ways that address systemic and structural inequalities.   

Dr. Tracey Robinson will explore several of the prerequisites to understanding and addressing disparities and how the task continues to be challenging through executive orders and in some states, legislation that poses barriers to developing equity-minded students and professionals. 

Conference Panels Include:

Refreshing Assessment Practices: Exploring Possibilities

Human to Human: Connecting with Care in the Classroom

Reflecting on Our Courses Through a Lens of Equity


The conference is free to attend, but registration is required.

2022 SoTLA Conference Registration

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