April 17, 2023

April 20 Is Research and Creative Activity Day

research dayLast summer, WCU history major MacLaren Remy worked closely with faculty mentor Tia Malkin-Fontecchio researching the historical and biographical document The Alexiad, one of the first texts written by a female historian, Byzantine princess Anna Komnene. Their research focused on the different uses of masculine and feminine authorial voices used by Komnene to ensure acceptance within academic circles and how this method led to ambiguity around who penned the document. Remy’s work was recognized with an Student Research and Creative Activities Award.

Remy and Malkin-Fontecchio are among more than 150 faculty and students whose creative and scholarly work will be on display at Research and Creative Activity Day on Thursday, April 20. This celebration of ideas and originality takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Sykes Student Union.

The event will include 59 poster presentations, 38 oral presentations, and 2 pieces of performance and abstract art, done by outstanding graduate and undergraduate students who have completed original research and creative projects in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Awards will be presented in each category to students who have conducted independent work that is original and substantive, given the standards and objectives of their field.

The University continues to provide a multitude of awards and programs for students interested in completing research, such as the Student Research and Creative Award (SRCA) and the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute program (SURI). Including Remy, there are eight students presenting their findings from research they conducted during the SURI 2022 program; these presentations include a broad range of topics including Repulsive Magnet Applications for Use in Orthopedic Footwear; Intergenerational Transmission of Gendered Play Practices; and Environmental Racism: A Review of Environmental Justice Prevalence and Policy in Pennsylvania.

An annual event, Research and Creative Activity Day is sponsored by the University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

For more information, email research@wcupa.edu or call 610-436-3557.

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