June 10, 2020

Davenport Named a Community ChampionDr. Zeb Davenport

Zebulun Davenport, WCU’s vice president for Student Affairs, was named a Community Champion by the Young Men and Women In Charge Foundation (YMWIC). He received the organization’s Educational Leadership Award for Post-Secondary Education during the livestream of YMWIC’s annual scholarship event on May 28. The program was introduced by Dulce Juarez, a WCU business management major interning with YMWIC Foundation as a project management intern.

The award recognizes a highly effective community member at the post-secondary level who has been impactful on the organization, provides leadership in local communities, is committed to education, values academic excellence, and is an advocate for YMWIC Foundation.

“I am very humbled by the recognition that I have received from Young Men and Women in Charge,” said Davenport. “I believe in the mission of this organization and I know for a fact it is helping many of our young people to succeed. From a very young age even until this very day, people have helped me and I feel like it is my responsibility to give back. Just as I was helped, I feel as though I have an obligation to do the same. It brings me joy to know that somehow my contribution has helped to open a door or even build bridges for someone else to walk through and or across.”

Davenport recognized YMWIC founder and President Richard Roberts, III: “I want to acknowledge Mr. Roberts for his insight and determination to forge ahead with such a worthy endeavor.”

All 10 graduating seniors in the YMWIC program receive a scholarship to attend the college of their choice.

YMWIC’s mission is to empower and prepare economically disadvantaged and historically underrepresented youth to excel and become leaders in STEM careers through academic tutoring, mentoring, and financial assistance programs. There are five chapters in the Philadelphia suburbs that are serving 200 scholars and 38 alumni, all of whom are earning their undergraduate degrees, continuing post-graduate studies, or pursuing a professional career after graduating from college.



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