Greetings from the Management Department Chairaacsb

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Management, I welcome you to the management department website where you will discover what we offer our students.

The Management programs at West Chester University consist of a diverse undergraduate curriculum and various hands-on opportunities for students to learn these valuable concepts and skills, like company tours, real-world business case competition, simulation, and study abroad programs. We seek to provide students with the skills required to manage business effectively. 

We are proud to be one of the few colleges in the North East corridor that offers a high quality, yet affordable undergraduate programs, including the following majors, minors, and the SAP certificate program. Further information can be obtained from the department academic website as well as WCU Undergraduate Catalog

Majors: Business Management; Business Management - Human Resources Concentration; Business Management - Business Processes and Data Analytics (BPDA) Concentration; International Business; Supply Chain Management; Supply Chain Management - Healthcare Concentration.

Minors: Business Analytics Minor; Business Law Minor;  Entrepreneurship Minor; Human Resource Management Minor; International Business Minor; Supply Chain Management Minor.

Certificate Programs: SAP Student Recognition Award Certificate Program.

Extra-curricular activities through: Cottrell Entrepreneurial Center and Supply Chain Management Center.

As members of a university that places a premium on excellence in undergraduate teaching, the Department of Management faculty continually strive to ensure that students are armed with the requisite concepts and skills that would enable them to succeed academically and professionally.

Further information about the Management or International Business programs at WCU can be obtained from the WCU Undergraduate Catalog as well as relevant webpages on our website. We also encourage you to call either 877-315-2165 or 610-436-3411 to make a reservation for one of our campus tours. These campus tours provide prospective students with general information about studying at West Chester University.

Dr. Xiaowei (Linda) Zhu, Chair of the Management Department

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