Pre-Law Advisory Program

Students who are interested in the study of law frequently confront myriad issues in preparing for their intended career. At times, the decision and the preparation required to pursue that career can seem overwhelming. The role of the Pre-Law Advisory Program at WCU is to assist students who are interested in exploring a career in law by exposing them to the realities of the application process to law school as well as the present-day practice of law.

At WCU, and most universities, a "pre-law" major or degree does not exist. You can take certain affirmative steps, however, to build an academic record that will enhance your likelihood of being accepted into law school, should you decide to pursue a juris doctor degree or J.D. The purpose of the Pre-Law Advisory Program, therefore, is to familiarize you with the process of applying to law school, the criteria for admission, and the financial implications of attending law school. It is our hope that by acquainting you with these issues early in your academic studies at WCU, you will be able to make those efforts which are necessary to maximize your chance of success. Please know that the Pre-law Advisor is available to meet with you individually to discuss any concerns that you may have. The Pre-Law Advisor is Sandra M. Tomkowicz, J.D., who is located in 484 BPM Center, and can be reached by telephone at (610) 436-2365 or via e-mail at

In addition to individualized advising, Dr. Tomkowicz also serves as the faculty advisor to the Pre-Law Society. The purpose of the Society is to offer students the opportunity to learn more about a career in law so that students can better define their interests. Throughout the course of the year, the Society invites speakers to campus to discuss issues of interest to students, including the law school admissions process, financial aid considerations, the realities of attending law school, and practicing law in the millennium. Typically, members of the Society also tour local law schools, attend a law school class, and meet with present students at the law school. In addition, members of the Society are afforded an opportunity to complete a practice LSAT to acquaint students with the exam. All students are welcome and invited to attend meetings and events sponsored by the Society. If you are interested in joining the Pre-Law Society, please contact Dr. Tomkowicz.

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