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The Criminal Justice Student Association is run by student members, and advised by Dr. Chris Przemieniecki. CJSA is a chapter of the National American Criminal Justice Association - Lambda Alpha Epsilon. The Greek letters mean the following:

  • Lambda "to detect and apprehend"
  • Alpha "to adjudicate"
  • Epsilon "to rehabilitate"

Each participating University is awarded a charter, and its own letters. West Chester University's Chapter is Sigma Tau Omicron. The Association's objectives are:

  • to improve criminal justice through educational activities
  • to foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies
  • to promote professional, academic and public awareness of criminal justice issues
  • to encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professionalism in criminal justice
  • to provide a unified voice for professionals and students in criminal justice
  • to promote high standards of ethical conduct, professional training and higher education in the criminal justice field.

Sigma Tau Omicron, the West Chester University chapter, sponsors guest speakers from professional agencies several times each semester. The speakers not only provide information about contemporary issues in the field, but address employment and practicum opportunities as well. In addition, the club arranges field trips to professional agencies and engages in several community service projects. Each year students from the CJSA travel to the regional and national conferences. These conferences provide information on leading issues in the field and offer the opportunity for networking on a national level.  Additionally, students may participate in competitions with students from other colleges and universities in diverse areas such as law, juvenile justice, corrections, crime scene reconstruction, physical agility and marksmanship. CJSA routinely receives awards in these areas and has won the coveted Spirit Award several times.  Dr. Chris Przemieniecki serves as faculty advisor for the Sigma Tau Omicron.

The American Criminal Justice Association - Lambda Alpha Epsilon

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