Candidate Checklist

Candidate Checklist form

  1. Review WCU Manual for Culminating Graduate Research, available on, and relevant WCU policies in the Graduate Catalog: 
  2. Review and complete the DPA Dissertation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), available on PPA Student Resources website
  3. MOU should be completed before enrolling in DPA 803.
  4. Pass Comprehensive Exams
  5. Ask advisor to insert an advising note in myWCU to indicate the date the exam is passed
  6. The comprehensive exam must be passed before enrolling in DPA 803.
  7. Formalize Committee Members – 2 WCU faculty members, 1 outside or WCU (forms on PPA Student Resources website)
  8. CITI Training (if needed)
  9. IRB Approval (if needed)
  10. Complete and submit Research Compliance Form to Graduate School (
  11. Apply for graduation through myWCU
  12. Review formatting guidelines for DPA (APA 7th edition) and WCU (
  13. Work with advisor to submit final, or final draft, of dissertation to DPA Dissertations D2L site
  14. Have Committee approve and sign off on dissertation
  15. Submit dissertation to The Graduate School via Digital Commons (follow instructions on
  16. Submit signature page to advisor and committee. Use the Graduate School template (
  17. Check that all NG/IP grades have been updated to a letter grade
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