Brand FAQs

Are we still using the same logo?

We plan to continue to use the current logo. If, through the brand rollout, it becomes clear the University is in need of a new visual mark, a cross-campus committee will be convened.

Can I develop a new logo for my department or program?

As we move forward with a unified identity that conveys our uniqueness and "speaks" in one consistent voice, using one official, approved University logo is critical. For those programs that wish to stand out, the University community may use the name of the program, set in the University’s approved typeface, placed beneath WCU’s official logo. The University’s Office of Graphics & Printing can provide this secondary identifier in multiple file formats.

Should there be a special "campaign" that is aligned with the program, Graphics & Printing is able to develop approved campaign artwork that can be used on materials as long as it is used in conjunction with, and appropriately separated from, the University logo. Campaign artwork may be used to help identify such campaigns or initiatives but must never be used as a traditional logo or in place of the University logo.

Do I need to order new letterhead or business cards?

Because our logo will remain the same for the foreseeable future, updating your business cards and letterhead won’t be necessary. If, however, your business cards or letterhead have the old, Philips logo, please do put in an update order with Graphics and Printing.

Can I develop my own pieces for an external audience, or prospective student/admissions events (open houses, accepted student day, info sessions, emails, ads)?

Under the umbrella of University Communications and Marketing, you should start with Graphics and Printing. They are already well versed in the new brand and can help you create any kind of print piece you need. Need a PDF? G&P has you covered there as well. Our Web Team and Social Media Team can help with digital assets, too. Utilizing the services provided by our in-house professionals is especially important for incoming students—they will be the first to see the new branding. Every piece they see should look like it’s part of a suite of materials from the same University. Please see our gallery of examples for a sample of what might be able to be created for you. If you have recently printed your external pieces and they are not in line with the new brand, please use them until you need to reorder, or for the next fiscal year, whichever comes first.

Can I develop a tagline or slogan for my department?

The University has spent significant time working with an external agency that specifically solicited feedback from current and prospective students regarding our brand and reputation building. The agency’s recommendation is that it is in the University’s best interest to unify under a single logo, brand, and tagline/slogan. If your department already has a logo or tagline, you may continue to use it on internal communications, but please only use the new brand for external pieces.


Brand Website FAQs

Why has the organization of the website changed?

When redesigning the website, we took agency and prospective student feedback to heart. The new, simplified header and footer were designed for ease of use. The items in the previous navigation bar are now easily accessible from the dropdown search menu.

When can I expect my portion of the website to be redesigned?

The rebrand rollout for the WCU public-facing site is broken out into 3 distinct phases. In phase one, the header and footer will be changed universally across the website, so even if the rest of your page is awaiting redesign, the look will still fit in with the brand.

Rebrand characteristics will be applied to the following home pages as well as pages accessed by 1-click within the body of the respective home page. Remaining pages will receive rebrand treatment as time allows during the current phase OR during phase 3.

Website Rebrand Phase 1 (went live 10/25/2021)

  • WCU home page
  • Undergraduate Admissions home page
  • The Graduate School home page
  • Philadelphia Center home page
  • Financial Aid home page
  • Landing Pages accessed via the current global menu:
    • Admissions
    • Academics
    • Student Life
    • Faculty/Staff
    • Apply Now

Website Rebrand Phase 2 (go live estimated 2/25/2022)

  • Colleges/Schools home pages
  • Divisions home pages
  • Program Pages
  • Registrar home page
  • Bursar home page

Website Rebrand Phase 3 (go live on rolling basis)

  • All remaining sites
  • Any remaining pages from Phase 1/2 sites which were outside the scope