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D2L Daylight is Coming!

D2L Daylight

The Information Services & Technology Division recently announced that in May 2018, the D2L Learning Management System will transition to a new look and feel called, D2L Daylight.

What is D2L Daylight? D2L Daylight is the name of the visual enhancement that will occur to D2L. The changes include a mobile friendly interface and a cleaner layout with course images. With the exception of how you access courses, all of the D2L tools you currently use will remain and continue to work the way they do now.

One of the significant benefits of D2L Daylight is that it improves the mobile interface for D2L. How information is displayed will change based on the size of the screen being used. This is called "responsive design" and is common in modern web design. You can check a sites responsiveness on a desktop or laptop by changing the size of the browser. If items resize and restack the website is responsive. With D2L you may need to refresh the page to get the items to display properly at the new screen size.

Faculty who teach distance education courses should contact their assigned instructional designer to discuss how D2L Daylight may impact their course design. Instructional designers can also help distance education faculty take advantage of the mobile friendly interface with new responsive module page designs.

Daylight improves accessibility and readability. Style updates include larger fonts, more space between text, a new color palette, and new icons and buttons. With these visual changes, we assure you that the general location of items is not changing. They are just getting a new modern look.

D2L Daylight is Coming! If you are interested in learning more or gaining sneak-peak access to the D2L Daylight interface, plan to attend a training event. IS&T is offering at least two formal training opportunities each month in virtual and face to face formats. Departments or programs can also request custom training by emailing or For a schedule of events and additional information visit


  • Accessibility - Improvement to accessibility and readability.
  • Mobile Friendly - New responsive design for viewing on all devices and device sizes.
  • 2 Minute Video - D2L Daylight is Coming