Poetry and Pedagogy 2021


Thursday, February 18, 2021

1:00 PM: Panel
Nature, Poetry and Pedagogy

Presented by: Anna Lena Phillips Bell, "Ecopoetics in the Classroom"
Chair: Nancy Pearson
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2:00 PM: Panel
Observational Poetry and Pedagogy

Presented by: Jesse Waters, "The Ide(ation) of Order at West Chester: Creating Space for Looking at the Poetry Classroom"
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Chair: Lisa Konigsberg
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3:30 PM Featured Workshop 1
Phillip Williams, ”Purposeful Prompts”
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5:30 PM: Panel
Poetry and the Pedagogy of Awareness

Presented by: David Schwartz, "The Poetry of Retrospect”
Presented by: Scot Slaby, "'iNotice': Increasing Student Engagement in Reading Poems”
Chair: Gabrielle Halko

6:45 PM: Performance by Under A Rest A Cappella
7:00 PM: Open Mic/Panelist Reading/Virtual Party


Friday, February 19, 2021:

10:00 AM: Featured Workshop 2
Nancy Pearson, "Start Before You Are Ready: Facilitating a Generative Writing Bootcamp"
(password required)

12:00 PM: Plenary Discussion (Bring Your Own Lunch)
Traditions of Poetry and Pedagogy at West Chester with Rhina Espaillat and Shirley Geok-lin Lim

2:00 PM: Featured Workshop 3
Patricia West, "Life 'Lines': The Bigger Picture of Poetry, Photographs, and Pedagogy"
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4:00 PM: Panel
Creating Pedagogy

Presented by: Hayes Davis and Joseph Ross, "Beyond Slam and Love Poems: Teaching Creative Writing to High School Students"
Chair: Cherise Pollard

5:00 PM Panel
Grief and the Blues: Poetry and Pedagogies of Healing

Presented by: Jennifer Stern "'Margaret Are You Grieving?' Teaching Death to Children in the Creative Writing Classroom"
Presented by: Wendy Rountree"Blues, Double Consciousness, Ritual Grounds, and Vernacular Tradition: A Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Ethnic American Young Adult Literature Comparatively"
Chair: Lisa Konigsberg

Dinner Break

6:45 PM: Performance by Under A Rest A Cappella
7:00 PM: Zetta Elliott - Keynote Speaker
I Am Not a Poet: Mentors, Mantras, and the Door We Must Open

8:30 PM: Open Mic/Panelist Reading/Virtual Party


Saturday, February 20, 2021:

10:00 AM Featured Workshop 4
Lesley Wheeler, "Teaching the Single-Author Collection"
(password required)

12:00 PM: Panel
Discussion with Rhina Espaillat

Chair: Nancy Kang
Nancy Kang and Silvio Torres Saillant, "Putting a Life Together, Like Supper, Like a Poem”: The Lifetime Pedagogy of Rhina P. Espaillat

1:30 PM: Panel
Poetry and Student Engagement

Presented by: Jodie Coates, "Paper Engineered Poetry"
Presented by: Robert Fillman, "'I Didn’t Like Poetry': Can We Unteach the Teaching of Poetry?"
Chair: Lisa Konigsberg

3:00 PM: Featured Workshop 5
Oscar Saavedra, "Poetry as Self-Pedagogy: Write to Read and Read to Write"
(password required)

4:30 PM: Panel
Pandemic Pedagogies
Presented by: Sarah J. Donovan, "#VerseLove a Community With, By, and For Teacher-Poets"
Presented by: Michele Eduarda Brasil de Sa, "Literacure - Transforming the Effects of the Pandemic in Creative Writing"
Chair: Cherise Pollard

5:45 PM: Performance by Under A Rest A Cappella
6:00 PM: A Reading by Zetta Elliott (Bring Your Dinner)

7:30 PM: Featured Workshop Leader Reading
Nancy Pearson, Oscar Saavedra, Patricia West, Lesley Wheeler, and Phillip Williams.
(password required)


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