WCU French Club

Bienvenue au club de fran├žais!

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Role Officer
President Jessica S. Crum
Vice President Gabriella Terry
Treasurer Abigail Wheeler
Secretary Allie Armani
Advisor Dr. Michel Sage

Thanks for making IFest such a success!

Next event:
Wednesday September 15th at 8 a.m., French conversation "causerie" in Sykes 209, for all interested students, regardless of level of conversation ability. A great way to meet other francophiles as well.

The French Club focuses on not just French culture, but international culture in general! We strive to become more educated in French music, art, dancing, and theatre. The French Club provides opportunities for students to visit international themed events near WCU. We meet regularly to brainstorm new ideas and events, talk to other students with similar interests and most importantly have fun! We welcome anyone who is interested in the French language, culture, as well as French majors and minors!

Image of FranceImage of France

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