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Culture Clusters in Languages and Cultures

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Languages and Cultures

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Culture Clusters in Languages and Cultures

The Department of Languages and Cultures offers a wide variety of "culture cluster" courses taught in English. See descriptions in our official catalog.

Some of these courses also fulfill other Gen Ed requirements: 
I = Interdisciplinary; J = Diverse Communities; W = Writing Emphasis; Gen Ed Arts requirement.

French Culture

  • EFR 320 French Civilization (I)
  • EFR 330 Francophone Cultures West Africa-Caribbean
  • EFR 350 French Civilization on Film
  • EFR 401 French Business Culture

German Culture

  • EGE 323 Austrian Civilization (I)
  • EGE 403 20th-Century German Masterpieces
  • EGE 404 German Artists as Social Conscience: Postwar German Literature and Film
  • EGE 405 A Survey of German Film (W)
  • EGE 408 Modern German Drama
  • EGE 409 Impact of the Holocaust on Literature and Film

Italian Culture

  • EIT 321 Images of Italy
  • EIT 360 Italy on Film

Russian Culture

  • ERU 309 Russian Culture (I, W)
  • ERU 310 The Literature of Russia
  • ERU 363 Russian and Soviet Film and Literature

Spanish Culture

  • ESP 300 Latin American Culture and Civilization (I, W)
  • ESP 305 Spanish Cinema: Nation and Gender (Gen Ed Arts)
  • ESP 306 Representations of the Spanish Civil War
  • ESP 307 Spanish Women (1931 to present)
  • ESP 309 Latin America on Film (Gen Ed Arts, J)
  • ESP 310. Latin American Narrative from the European Conquest to 1930s.
  • ESP 311 Contemporary Latin American Narrative (also offered as Distance Ed).
  • ESP 316 Latin American Avant-Gardes and Mass Media (I)
  • ESP 318 Speaking Spanish in the United States (also offered as Distance Ed).
  • ESP 319 Cultural Realities of Spain (I)
  • ESP 324 Latinos in the U.S. (I, J)
  • ESP 333 Latina Writing (J)
  • ESP 334 Politics and Economics in the Literatures of the Modern Americas
  • ESP 335 Latino Literatures in the U.S. (J)
  • ESP 355 Islamic Spain
  • ESP 362 New World: America
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