CLEP: New Rules Starting in Fall 2015

FRE, GER and SPA majors and minors, please note this change regarding earning credits through CLEP (credits for 202 are not anymore an option through CLEP):

The maximum credit that students can now obtain via CLEP testing in Spanish, French and German is 9 credits (and not 12). In other words, effective this year, students can only transfer up to the 201 level of a language via CLEP. They won't be able to obtain credit for 202 any more.

The following equivalences will now be followed:

  • French score = 50 = 6 credits (101-102). Score = 59 = 9 credits (101-201)
  • German score = 50 = 6 credits (101-102). Score = 60 = 9 credits (101-201)
  • Spanish score = 50 = 6 credits (101-102). Score = 63 = 9 credits (101-201)

Practical consequences:

  • Language majors and minors who used CLEP to fulfill their language requirements counting with a 202 course won't be able to do so any more. They will have to take one course as a regular course (or as credit by exam before completing the next course above 202) to fulfill the 202 level.
  • Also, language minors may now use all of their CLEP credits towards a minor, since they will be getting a maximum of only 9 credits.

Please, consult with your academic advisor in French, German or Spanish if you have questions.