WCU Latinx Communities Conference

This interdisciplinary conference provides a creative space to enhance the understanding of Latinx issues, contributions, and cultures. This annual conference informs the university and broader community about a wide range of issues concerning the Latinx population in Pennsylvania and beyond, and represents twelve years of working to build and strengthen ties between West Chester University and the community, as embodied in our theme “Building Bridges/Construyendo Puentes.”

This year, the conference will celebrate and commemorate its fifteenth anniversary with the performance of a campus mural by renowned Chilean artist Alejandro Mono González, followed by a reception open to public on September 28th, 2023. For more information on pertinent activities, consult the calendar below or contact the directors.

Latinx Social Justice Collective's Statement on Roe V. Wade.


Flyer Describing Activities

View the Mono&Mural Flyer

For questions, email the Conference Directors:

Latinx Communities Conference Committee:
Chyna Hart (Dowdy Multicultural Center)
Latino American Student Organization (LASO)
Linda Stevenson (Political Science)
Maria Urrutia (Dance)
Michele Belliveau (Social Work)
Miguel Ceballos (Sociology)

The following organizations and offices have contributed to the success of this conference:

The College of Education and Social Work
Department of Political Science
The Institute of Race and Ethnic Studies
Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
WCU Latin American and Latinx Studies
WCU Poetry Center
WCU President’s Office
College of Arts and Humanities
Languages and Cultures Department
Art + Design Department
John H. Baker Gallery
Latin American Philosophies of Education (LAPES)