Yanira Rodríguez

Yanira Rodríguez

Assistant Professor
Main Hall 101


  • Ph.D. in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Syracuse University
  • M.A. in Journalism, Syracuse University
  • M.F.A. in Poetry, Syracuse University


  • Third World Women and Hip Hop Feminisms
  • Community Literacy/Publishing
  • Intergenerational Social Movement Principles, Histories and Rhetorics
  • Media Representations
  • Community Accountable Scholarship
  • Organizer Ethos Formation in the Academy
  • Printmaking and other Multimodal Literacies
  • The Underground Press

Selected Publications


Rodríguez, Yanira. “Pedagogies of Refusal: What it Means to (un)Teach a Student Like Me.” Radical Teacher, 2019, pp. 5-12

Rodríguez, Yanira and Ben Kuebrich. “The Tone it Takes: An 18-day Sit-in at Syracuse
University.” Unruly Rhetorics. Edited by Jonathan Alexander, Nancy Welch, and Susan Jarratt, Pittsburgh UP. Nov. 2018

Kannan, Vani, Ben Kuebrich and Yanira Rodríguez. “Unmasking Corporate-Military
Infrastructure: Four Theses.” Community Literacy Journal, vol. 11, no. 1, 2016.


Burns, Michael, Timothy Dougherty, Ben Kuebrich, and Yanira Rodríguez. “Soundwriting as
Resistance: Toward a Pedagogy for Liberation.” Soundwriting Pedagogies, edited by Courtney
Danforth and Kyle Steadman. Chapter accepted and full collection under review at Computers and Composition Digital Press. http://ccdigitalpress.org/book/soundwriting/burns-et-al/index.html Aug. 2018

Rodríguez, Yanira, Ben Kuebrich and Tamara Issak. “An Interview with Ira Shor.” This Rhetorical Life, 7 May 2016. http://thisrhetoricallife.syr.edu/804-2/

Rodríguez, Yanira, Karrieann Soto, and Ben Kuebrich. “On Ferguson.” This Rhetorical Life, 24 Oct. 2014. http://thisrhetoricallife.syr.edu/episode-24-on-ferguson/

Rodríguez, Yanira and Ben Kuebrich. “(Social) Media Representations of Venezuela Protests.” This Rhetorical Life, 27 May 2014, http://thisrhetoricallife.syr.edu/episode-22-social-media-representations-of-venezuela-protests/

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