Transfer FAQs

Are you seeking transfer credit for an English course that you took at a previous school and that has already transferred to WCU as a TRN 199 or ENG 199? Or do you want to earn future credit for English courses that you plan to take elsewhere? If either scenario applies to you, please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn how the transfer credit process works in the English Department.

For information on transfer credit issues more generally, please visit the Registrar's Transfer Credit Center.

What's the difference between a Transfer Credit Appeal and a Transfer Credit Permission form?

These two separate forms are used for two different aspects of the transfer petition process:

  • Use the Transfer Credit Appeal form to seek reevaluation of an English course that you've taken elsewhere and that the Registrar has already categorized as TRN 199 or ENG 199. For example, if you received an ENG 199 for a course that you feel should count as WRT 120, submit an appeal to the English Department to have this course reevaluated for more specific credit.
  • Use the Transfer Credit Permission form to seek permission in advance for English courses that you plan to take at another institution in the future (e.g., via a study abroad program or local community college).

Visit the Registrar's Transfer Credit Forms page to access both the Transfer Credit Appeal and Transfer Credit Permission forms. Download and print the PDFs and then follow the instructions provided.

Where should I submit my transfer paperwork?

All transfer credit appeals and permission forms should be submitted in hard copy to the English Department's Program Coordinator, Main Hall 506, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Can I submit my transfer paperwork by email?

Due to the high volume of transfer appeals and permission forms that we receive each week, we prefer that students submit their paperwork in hard copy. If you are not able to deliver your materials in person, please contact the English Program Coordinator at to discuss other arrangements.

Should I include a syllabus with my transfer appeal?

Yes. Although the Registrar's Transfer Credit Appeal form suggests that a syllabus is optional, the fact is that reading a clear, thorough syllabus can help us better understand the course you took and make it easier for us to evaluate your appeal.

What if I can't find my original syllabus?

The syllabus you provide must be the actual syllabus for the course you took. If you're unable to locate the original syllabus, contact your former instructor or department to obtain a duplicate. Under no circumstances should you submit a syllabus for a course you did not take.

Can I discuss my transfer appeal in person with someone in the English Department?

Because of the high volume of submissions that we receive each week, it isn't feasible for us to meet with students in person to discuss their transfer credit appeals. Our determinations are based on concrete documentation, not on in-person discussions. If you'd like to speak to a faculty member, please consult with your advisor.

Before I commit to attending WCU, can you tell me if my two writing courses will transfer to WCU as WRT 120 and WRT 200?

Yes, but only after the WCU Registrar has evaluated those courses. We encourage you to consult with the Registrar to ensure that your transcript has been received and that your courses are being evaluated.

How do I learn the outcome of my transfer appeal?

Once we've made a determination on your transfer credit appeal or transfer credit permission form, we will notify you by email within two to three weeks and give you further instructions at that time.

Where does my paperwork go after it has been reviewed by the English Department?

  • If our determination on your Transfer Credit Appeal results in a change to your record (e.g., an ENG 199 reevaluated as a WRT 120), we will deliver your paperwork to the Registrar's office ourselves so that this change can be processed.
  • If we determine from your Transfer Credit Permission form that your future courses are equivalent to ours, we'll ask you to pick up your form and walk it over to the Global Engagement Office; they'll record your courses and then forward your paperwork on to the Registrar for final processing.
  • If our determination results in no change to your record, we will retain your paperwork on file in the English Department for you to pick up. To retrieve your packet after making a successful appeal, please visit the Registrar's office, which keeps scanned copies of all transfer appeals.

At my previous school, I wrote a research paper in a Sociology class. Why can't this class count as my WRT 200?

In order to receive a WRT 200 equivalency, the class you took must have been an actual research writing course, with a primary emphasis on critical writing, research, and rhetoric. The course must also have required three major writing assignments, including a 10+ page research paper. We do not grant WRT 200 equivalencies to courses that require a research paper but otherwise have little to do with writing.

Will the writing courses I took at my previous school count toward my Writing Emphasis requirement at WCU?

Generally speaking, no: Writing Emphasis credit is not transferable to WCU. However, transfer students may be able to reduce the number of Writing Emphasis courses they are required to take at WCU, depending on the number of credits they've transferred from their previous school. Please consult with your advisor.

I took two Mosiac seminars at Temple. Can those courses count as WRT 120 and WRT 200?

Temple University's Mosaic seminars are interdisciplinary humanities courses with writing components, but their primary focus is not on writing, rhetoric, and composition per se; thus they do not count as WRT courses. A Mosaic seminar might transfer in as ENG 199, LIT 199, or even LIT 165, but not as WRT 120 or WRT 200.

I'm a community college student planning to transfer to WCU and major in English. What courses should I be taking now to ensure that my credits transfer successfully?

We recommend that you consult the WCU Registrar's Transfer Credit Equivalency database and take only those courses that appear on the list of equivalencies established between your school and WCU. Then cross-reference that list with the advising sheets in the English Majors' Handbook. General Education courses tend to be the most easily transferable.