Tim Dougherty

Tim Dougherty

Associate Professor of English; Assistant Chair For Students and Student Learning
Main Hall 542


  • Ph.D., Syracuse University
  • M.A., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • B.A. (Creative Writing Focus), The Pennsylvania State University


  • Histories of Rhetoric
  • Cultural Rhetorical Theories
  • Intersectional Feminist Rhetorics
  • Critical Ethnic and Settler Colonial Studies
  • Irish Studies
  • Labor Issues in Writing Program Administration
  • Contemplative and Antiracist Writing Pedagogy

Selected Publications

Academic Journals

Composition as Kairotic Composure .” Co-authored with Kurt Stavenhagen. Across the Disciplines 16.1 (Spring 2019): 66-87.

“The Indianapolis Resolution: Responding to 21st Century Exigencies/Political Economies of Composition Labor.” Co-authored with Anicca Cox, Amy Lynch-Biniek, Michelle LaFrance, & Seth Kahn. College Composition and Communication 68.1 (Fall 2016): 38-67.

Knowing (Y)Our Story: Practicing Decolonial Rhetorical History.” Enculturation. 21 (April 2016): http://enculturation.net/knowing-your-story

“Lost in TransNation: The Limits to Constitutive Nationalism in the Fenian Movement.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 45.4 (Fall 2015): 346-368. (Winner of RSA’s Kneupper Award for best article in journal)

Book Chapters

Soundwriting and Resistance: Toward A Pedagogy for Liberation.” Co-Authored with Michael Burns, Ben Kuebrich, and Yanira Rodriguez. SoundWriting Pedagogies. Eds. Kyle Stedman, Courtney Danforth, and Michael J. Faris. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press. 2018.

Fired Up: Institutional Critique, Lesson Study, and the Future of Antiracist Writing Assessment .” Co-authored with Michael Burns and Randall Cream. Writing Assessment, Social Justice, and the Advancement of Opportunity. Eds. Mya Poe, Asao Inoue, and Norbert Elliot. Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado. 2018.  257-292.

“The JWPA: Caught Between the Promises of Portland and Laramie.” Labored: The State(ment) and Future of Work in Composition. Eds. Randall McClure, Dayna Goldstein, and Michael Pemberton. Parlor Press. 2017.

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