Major in Media and Culture

 We are pleased to announce the launch of our second major program, Media and Culture, starting Fall 2018. 

The Media and Culture major targets students interested in professions related to media, such as public relations, video production, news, advertising, online marketing, as well as media criticism and advanced media scholarship.

Students will be able to pick among three concentrations:

Media Production focuses on production and performance in various media environments, such as TV, radio, film, and online content.

Strategic Communication integrates advertising, marketing, and public relations in digital contexts.         

Media and Culture explores diverse perspectives about changing industries, technologies, and cultures.

More extensive information about the program will be posted shortly. At present, students majoring in Communication Studies who wish to switch to Media and Culture should read the following document about course requirements and equivalencies in the new major.

If you have questions about the new program at this time, please reach out to Dr. Michael Boyle.


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