Media & Culture (MDC) Major Requirements and Course Equivalencies

In Fall 2018 the Department of Communication Studies will begin offering a new major, Media & Culture (MDC). We will continue to offer the COM degree (which will be revised during the coming year). The COM degree will encompass rhetoric, interpersonal, small group and organizational communication. The MDC degree will encompass broadcast, public relations, intercultural communication, and media-related fields. In addition, the name of our department will change from Communication Studies to the Department of Communication and Media in order to reflect both major/minor offerings. 

The MDC major will have the same total number of credits required for graduation as the COM major: 18 lower level credits and 21 upper level credits. The 21 credits of upper level elective courses for the MDC major will consist of 18 credits of elective courses plus 3 credits of internship (MDC 494) or practicum (MDC 495).

Lower Level Course Equivalencies

This document explains course equivalencies to help students who wish to switch to the MDC major from COM. As always, please reach out to your advisor with any specific questions you might have about which option is best for you.

The following chart shows which of the lower level COM courses you may have taken that will count toward the MDC major. For instance, if you have taken COM 212 – Mass Communication, you can count that course as MDC 253 – Media Literacy. If you’ve already taken COM 224, or plan to in the Fall, you can count that toward MDC 255.

COM equivalent MDC course  
COM 212 – Mass Communication
COM 219 – Communication Theory
COM 224 – Communication Research

MDC 253 – Media Literacy
MDC 254 – Media Theory
MDC 255 – Media Research Methods


Upper Level Course Equivalencies

The chart below shows the upper level COM courses and their MDC equivalencies. For example, if you have already taken COM 355 – Intro to Public Relations, you can count that course as MDC 355. If you’ve already taken COM420 – Media & Protest, you can count that as MDC 420. 

Note: In recent semesters, some MDC courses were offered as COM499s and some of these courses have become permanent courses and are listed below. You cannot retake a course you have already taken. For instance, if you took Media & Protest as a COM499 in Spring 2018 you cannot take MDC420 in a future semester. Please check with your advisor if you have questions or concerns about courses you would like to take.

COM (original) course MDC  
COM 311 (Com in Sports)
COM 314 (Games Culture & Theory)
COM 316 (Internet, Culture, & Society)
COM 317 (Advanced Video)
COM 320 (Com on TV & Radio)
COM 321 (SEO Optimization)
COM 322 (Culture & Orgs)
COM 323 (Media Audiences)
COM 325 (Strategic Social Media)
COM 350 (Advanced Intercultural)
COM 355 (Intro to PR)
COM 360 (African American Culture and Communication)
COM 370 (Event Production Using Media)
COM 420 (Media & Protest)
COM 421 (Content Strategy)
COM 422 (Consulting for Careers in Media and Culture)
COM 423 (Media Campaigns)
COM 455 (PR Management)
COM 460 (Comm & Advertising)
COM 470 (Intercultural Communication Training)
COM 499 (Seminar section not listed above)
MDC 311
MDC 314
MDC 316
MDC 317
MDC 320
MDC 321
MDC 322
MDC 323
MDC 325
MDC 350
MDC 355
MDC 360
MDC 370
MDC 420
MDC 421
MDC 422
MDC 423
MDC 455
MDC 460
MDC 470
MDC 490; MDC 491; MDC 492

At some point in the future, COM classes and MDC classes will be separate in terms of fulfilling major requirements; however during the initial period for adding a second major the equivalencies listed above serve to help students transition from one major to the other while minimizing any “lost” credit hours to complete the major.