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MDC Professors Foeman & Lawton Receive National Recognition for DNA Research

MDC Professors Foeman & Lawton Receive National Recognition for DNA Research

Drs. Foeman and Lawton have been awarded the 2022 Most Promising New Textbook award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association for their new textbook, Who am I? Identity in the Age of Consumer DNA Testing. Over the past 16 years, Foeman and Lawton's DNA Discussion Project ( has helped thousands of people to understand and embrace their genetic history. The goal of the project is to teach people about the science of genetics and the perception of ethnicity through DNA test results. Read more...

Dr. McCool Publishes Second Children’s Book Aimed at Empowering Black Children

New faculty member, Dr. Jeremy McCool, teaches many classes in the Department of Communication & Media, including Radio Production and Digital Storytelling. Outside of teaching, Dr. McCool has spent the past several years writing books that focus on educating and empowering Black children with co-author Dr. Anthony McBride of Western Illinois University. Read more...

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The Irish Media Experience

The Irish Media Experience offers students a unique opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to the culture and media systems in one of the most dynamic environments in Europe: The Republic of Ireland. Through a combination of learning modalities students will learn about the Easter Rising in 1916 and other significant events that have significantly impacted Irish newspapers, films, music, broadcast stations and internet operations. The course allows you to experience these media meeting and talking with major media figures. Read more...

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