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study in ireland

The Irish Media Experience

The Irish Media Experience offers students a unique opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to the culture and media systems in one of the most dynamic environments in Europe: The Republic of Ireland. Through a combination of learning modalities students will learn about the Easter Rising in 1916 and other significant events that have significantly impacted Irish newspapers, films, music, broadcast stations and internet operations. The course allows you to experience these media meeting and talking with major media figures. Read more...

instagram takeover

MDC Student Takes over WCUPA Instagram

MDC minor Lauren Kirkpatrick recently took over the University‚Äôs Instagram account to present highlights from her recent trip to Ireland. Lauren contributed snapshots, videos, and answers to viewer questions on the Rams Abroad story series published by the University. The trip was part of Media in Ireland, a course offered by The Department of Communications and Media in the Republic of Ireland. Read more...

media and culture

Major in Media and Culture

We are pleased to announce the launch of our second major program, Media and Culture, starting Fall 2018. 

The Media and Culture major targets students interested in professions related to media, such as public relations, video production, news, advertising, online marketing, as well as media criticism and advanced media scholarship. Read more...

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