Minor in Media and Culture

Program Description

The Undergraduate Minor in Media and Culture (MDC) is an 18-credit (6-course) program for undergraduate students who want to develop specialized expertise and skills in media-related fields, think critically about the intersections of media and diverse cultural contexts, and understand the value of intercultural perspectives in communication. As such, the core of this program introduces students to an extensive range of media technologies, hands-on learning, and principles of intercultural communication.

Beyond the core, the program offers three concentrations:

  • Media Production - focuses on production and performance in various media environments, such as TV, radio, film, and online content.
  • Strategic Communication - integrates advertising, marketing, and public relations in digital contexts.
  • Media and Culture - focuses on diverse perspectives about changing industries, technologies, and cultures

Requirements and Courses

Lower level core (6 credits)

All MDC students complete two required core courses:

COM/MDC 250: Intercultural Communication

COM/MDC 251: Media Technologies

Lower level elective (3 credits)

Students select one of the following lower level electives:

COM/MDC 253: Media Literacy

COM 252/MDC 252: Writing for Broadcast and Public Relations

COM/MDC 254: Media & Culture Theory

Upper level electives (9 credits)

Students choose three courses from the ones listed below. At least two courses must be from the same Concentration.

Production Concentration

ART 113: Digital Media 

CSW 131: Introduction to Web Design

COM/MDC 203: The Philadelphia Media Experience

COM 217: Introduction to Video Production

COM/MDC 317: Advanced Video Production

COM/MDC 320: Communicating on Television and Radio

HON 320: Global Issues Seminar (Media in Ireland/England)

Strategic Communication Concentration

COM/MDC 311: Communication Professions in Sports

COM/MDC 321: Search Engine Optimization & Management

COM/MDC 323: Media Audiences

COM/MDC 325: Strategic Social Media

COM/MDC 355: Introduction to Public Relations

COM/MDC 370: Event Production Using Media

COM/MDC 421: Content Strategy

COM/MDC 423: Media Campaigns

COM/MDC 460: Communication and Advertising

Culture Concentration

COM/MDC 314: Games, Culture, and Theory
COM/MDC 316: Mediated Communications: Internet Culture & Society
COM/MDC 322: Culture & Organizations
COM/MDC 350: Advanced Intercultural Communication

COM/MDC 360: African American Culture and Communication

COM/MDC 420: Media & Protest
COM/MDC 422: Consulting for Careers in Media & Culture

COM/MDC 470: Intercultural Communication Training


To declare an MDC minor, visit MyWCU and submit an Academic Plan Change Request.

Program Contacts

Program coordinator: Michael Boyle, Main Hall 502, mboyle@wcupa.edu 610-436-2114

Program Faculty

How to Declare an MDC minor

To declare a MDC minor, download the Add Minor form from the Registrar’s webpage. Complete the form, print and sign, obtain the required signatures, and submit to the Registrar at 25 University Ave.