Tuition and Financial Aid

For information on graduate tuition and fees, please visit the WCU Bursar's page.

The Department does not offer direct financial aid. It does, however, receive authorization for a limited number of graduate assistantships each year through the Graduate School and Sponsored Research. The Department makes every effort to direct deserving students toward financial support.

The applicant to the Master of Arts program wishing to be considered for an assistantship should submit the appropriate forms included with the application for admission to the University, to the Office of the Graduate School and Sponsored Research. A copy of these forms can be obtained from the Graduate School and Sponsored Research.

A student who has already completed some coursework and who wishes to be considered for a graduate assistantship must submit a request in writing to the Graduate School and Sponsored Research. A copy of this request should be sent to the Department's Coordinator of the Graduate School. If approved by the department, the student's name will be forwarded to the Graduate School and Sponsored Research. Assistantships cannot be awarded until the university-wide budget-approval process for the upcoming semester or academic year is complete.

There are a number of departmental and university-wide duties graduate students perform:

  • Forensics: Students are expected to be qualified to coach and judge competitive speaking events and debate and travel to tournaments.
  • Special Projects: Faculty members often require assistance with research or other departmental activities. A graduate assistant might be assigned to such tasks. Such duties may include library or field research, or similar activities.
  • Instructional Aid: The University prohibits graduate students from teaching courses. Nonetheless, assistants are permitted to participate in certain instructional activities such as substitute-teaching for a department member or assisting with grading papers. Some assistantships also require that the student come to an assigned professor's class and help with everyday tasks such as taking attendance, lecturing, etc. All activities are carried out under the supervision of a faculty member.

Other Sources of Graduate Assistant Positions and Aid: Alternatively, a student might be assigned to help with certain university-wide projects, ranging from administrative work with programs to tutoring in the Center for Academic Excellence.

  • University-wide competitive grants for graduate education. Some of these are outlined in the Graduate Catalog available from the Graduate School and Sponsored Research.
  • The Office of Residence Life often offers several types of Graduate Assistant positions, some of which are live-in positions but other types of positions also are available at the WCU Graduate Assistant page.
  • West Chester University's Writing Center often needs writing consultants and may have GA positions available.
  • The Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC) offers employment opportunities for tutors.
  • The student is also advised to consult with the LARC about the possibility of other competitive grants, loans, student employment opportunities, and scholarships.