Justin Rentzel

Why did you choose WCU and/or the Department of Art + Design?
I followed a girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend.

What training or education did the Department of Art + Design provide for you that relates to your current occupation?
The WCU design program, under the mentorship of Peggy Hill, has pushed me to always think "I can do better." They have taught me everything from the basics of working creative suite, to complex abstract thinking and doing. Peggy taught me to think conceptually, while the talented Larry Will taught me to be an artist. These are very important skills to possess to be a successful art director in my industry.

What is a typical day like for you?
Every day is atypical. We work in all mediums being a boutique shop, so one day I might be conceptualizing a TV spot while another day I am designing coffee packaging. One day I will be working on motorcycles while the next I am working on milk flavorings.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to enter your field?
Enjoy the calm before the storm. If you think you work late hours in school, it's only the beginning. It is definitely a work hard play hard mentality in the advertising and design industry, but creating something that can influence not only people, but the world, is quite a gratifying feeling.

What is your favorite memory of being a student at WCU and/or in the Department of Art + Design?
Seeing my mother at my senior show and how proud she was of me. I love you Sue!

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