For a complete list of courses please refer to the Course Catalog.

The LALS Minor is completed with 18 credits and can include:

  • Courses in your major
  • Courses that fulfill your General Education requirements
  • Study Abroad courses

Approved Courses

  • ANT224
  • ANT322
  • ANT324
  • ANT362
  • AES153
  • DAN380
  • LIT360
  • ESP300
  • ESP309
  • ESP310
  • ESP311
  • ESP316
  • ESP317
  • ESP318
  • ESP324
  • ESP333
  • CLS333
  • ESP335
  • LNC105
  • SPA101
  • SPA102
  • SPA118
  • SPA201
  • SPA202
  • SPA250
  • SPA301
  • SPA302
  • SPA310
  • SPA375
  • SPA456
  • SPA457
  • GEO302
  • GEO400
  • HIS314
  • HIS315
  • HIS316
  • HIS317
  • HIS407
  • PSC213
  • PSC310
  • HIS316
  • HIS317
  • HIS407
  • PSC213
  • PSC310

Program Overview

West Chester University’s minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS) is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a foundation across two or more disciplines in the studies of the peoples of the region of Latin America and/or of those of Latinx" heritage in the United States. The LALS prepares students for immersion in a global community and helps them develop a cultural competence. The program is articulated by faculty in the departments of Anthropology, Applied Music, English, Geography, History, Languages and Cultures, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Work, across three colleges.


  • Customize your 18-credit program between two or more of the disciplines of your preference
  • Compatible with any major
  • Use approved culture clusters and general requirements (including ESP, ANT, AES, DAN, LIT, GEO, HIS, PSC, SOC, SWO) or study abroad credits towards the minor
  • Use up to 6 Spanish Language (SPA) credits towards the minor
  • Incorporate a global edge of cultural competency to your CV or Resumè

Wat Can I Do with this Minor?

A minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS) sets students apart from peers as culturally mindful in an increasingly integrated world. For students are looking for a competitive edge to launch a global career or for those seeking a deeper understanding of Latinx culture, a LALS minor positions students for future success on the global stage.

Additional Courses

Although not yet formally included in the advising sheet, the following courses can also count towards the minor:

  • ESP 310: Latin American Narrative from the European Conquest to the 1930s
  • ESP 316: Latin-American Avant-Garde and Mass Media

These courses can be approved depending on the semester topic:

  • SOC 335: Racial and Cultural Minorities (with Dr. Miguel Ceballos; consult approval with LALS Director prior to enrollment)
  • ENG 400: Topics include: The Genre of Chica Lit; Latin@s in Literature and Popular Culture;...(contact Dr. Emily Aguiló-Pérez and Dr. Yanira Rodriguez for info on ENG offerings that can be approved for the minor.)
Consult with the program Director Dr. Tia Malkin-Fontecchio for other possible courses and electives, and to establish a meeting to go over your minor requirements.