The information on this page is designed to help you balance the competing tasks of your life as both an employee and a parent and/or caregiver by highlighting policies and resources that provide help and community support. These resources have a specific focus on the Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). Additional resources can be found in the student parent and student caregiver resource pages. In the student parent section, you will find information regarding child-care centers, federal child-care subsidy programs, scholarship opportunities and additional resources. In the student caregiver section, you will find information regarding assisting our elders, assisting others with mental health and addiction, healthcare services, identity-based support services, and resources for caregivers. Although these resources were developed for students at WCU almost all of the resources can also be utilized by faculty and staff.

If you are in need of additional resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Center for Women & Gender Equity.

Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education

Life Event Policies

  • Major life events - such as birth or adoption of a child, marriage, or divorce - enable you to make changes to your health care plans and add or drop eligible dependents from coverage. 
  • Learn more about each life event and the benefit changes you may make by visiting this link.

Accrual & Time Off

  • Accrual and time off is different based on your employee group, visit this link to learn more. 

Parents & Caregivers in the News!

Additional Resources

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