Mission: Student Leadership and Involvement provides WCU students with transformative learning opportunities that prepare them to be active global citizens through involvement in student organizations, intentional programming, and interpersonal interactions.  

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How to get involved with the office of student leadership and involvement

Student Leadership and Involvement is the official umbrella website of all student organizations at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. With over 300 registered campus organizations, West Chester University provides a goldmine of opportunity to grow as an individual, to develop teamwork and leadership skills, and to network with other students and faculty. This website features a database of all student organizations, information on our various leadership programs, and resources for leaders, advisors, and members of student groups. 

West Chester University prides itself on its active and engaged student population. In fall 2019 over 1200 students held a leadership position in a student organization and over 900 events were on RamConnect at West Chester there is always a way to be engaged on campus. 




Books & Periodicals

Located in Sykes 218, the Leadership Resource Center is equipped with a library of information dedicated to all things Leadership. One can find books, articles and materials with themes ranging from management to positive thinking and self-help to goal setting and team building.  Whether you would like to pursue growth in your own personal leadership skills or find a solution to a conflict in a group project, our dedicated and friendly staff of Leadership Consultants are here to help you find what you’re looking for. If you would like to stop by and check out one of our books, all you need to bring is a student or faculty identification. Both students and faculty can check out any of our resources for a two-week period.  

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Office of Student Leadership and Involvement Events



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