Supporting your WCU Student

Many students indicate that their personal support system (family, friends, mentors) has a considerable influence on their career journey and decision-making process. As a member of that support system, you can encourage and motivate your student in many ways. Here are some items to get started:

  • Talk with your student about their major & career goals. Encourage them to engage with the Career Center early in their time at WCU to create an action plan on how to achieve those goals.
  • Check out the ‘Getting Started’ section of the Undergraduate page of the website. It includes a check list of tasks for students at every point in the journey.
  • As your student learns more about themselves, they may be hesitant to bring up concerns about their career decisions if they are worried about disappointing their support system. Listening with an open mind will help them feel more confident.
  • Think about your network. Many students feel most comfortable going to those they know first in order to grow their own professional relationships and that network includes your connections.
  • Check out the Resources & Events section of the website. We have many tools and events focused on career topics and employer recruitment.
    • Would your company or organization be interested in recruiting at WCU? We invite any prospective employers to contact our Employer Relations Team at (610) 436-2501 or
  • Wondering about post-graduation outcomes of students? View our Career Outcomes Dashboard to explore where our students are finding success.

Your student is starting a new and sometimes intimidating journey as they make choices on major, explore career options, and build the foundation for their future. The best thing you can do is continue to be a pillar for them while empowering your student to take lead in their career development.