Student Organization Resources 

Leadership Consultants (LC's)
Leadership Consultants are peer leaders that are available to help you and your student organization. They hold office hours in the Center for Student Involvement on the 2nd floor of Sykes Student Union. To see when they are available during the academic year click on this calendar. If none of those times work for you please reach out to and we will find a time that does work.

Books & Resources
Located in Sykes 218, the Leadership Resource Center is equipped with a library of information dedicated to all things Leadership. One can find books, articles and materials with themes ranging from management to positive thinking and self-help to goal setting and team building.  Whether you would like to pursue growth in your own personal leadership skills or find a solution to a conflict in a group project, our dedicated and friendly staff of Leadership Consultants are here to help you find what you’re looking for. If you would like to stop by and check out one of our books, all you need to bring is a student or faculty identification. Both students and faculty can check out any of our resources for a two-week period. View the Book List.

Resources for Organization Officers

Student Organization Handbook
SGA's Student Organization Policies and Procedures (SOPP's)
Transition Checklist

D2L Course for Student Organization Officers

  • Log on to D2L using your WCU username and password
  • On the left hand side click on University Resources
  • Click on Discover
  • Type in the search Officer Training Resources.
  • The open enrollment course should appear
  • If you don’t see if or nothing comes up. In the blue Sort: drop down on the right hand side under the search bar,  select “already enrolled” then see if it pops up and you can access it.
  • If you have any questions or issues please email

2022 Virtual Spring Involvement Fair

The Spring 2021 Involvement Fair offers student organizations the opportunity to have a virtual booth to promote their organization to prospective members. The Spring 2022 Involvement Fair will be virtual and on RamConnect. The fair will open on February 1st at 12 PM and will stay open until February 11th. Student organizations and campus departments are being encouraged to be active via chat or video on Thursday, February 3rd from 11 AM - 2 PM for students to "stop by" and ask questions.

Recognized Student Organizations can sign up to be apart of the virtual involvement fair. All organization officers should have received an email with instructions on how to sign up. Please email with questions.

Effective executive boards


Effective Club Meetings and Programs

RamConnect Resources

RamConnect is the University supported place for managing your student organization. Send email communications, manage your roster, create a website, advertise events and more. Listed below are instructions on how to use certain components. Professional staff is available to help you. During the academic year peer Leadership Consultants are also available to help.

Please note to use many of the features you need to be identified as an officer in the organization page. If you need help please email with the request and include the organization's full name.

Using the Email Feature

Log in to RamConnect at
Click on the club/organization in which you would like to send an email from
Click on ‘Emails' in the left hand toolbar.
Click the orange ‘+ Compose Email’ in the drop down.
Select the recipients you would like to email.
Use the 'Standard Email Form' to compose an email. You can choose from a variety of templates. Fill out the appropriate information and click ‘Save and Send’.
You may also send a test email, preview the email, and save it as a draft by selecting the corresponding button on the screen.
NOTE: You must be an officer of the organization if you would like your email information listed in the "From" line.

Tutorial on How to delay send an email or schedule an email to be sent at a later date

Form Basics

Log in to RamConnect at
Click on the club/organization in which you would like to view or edit the form.
Click on 'Surveys & Forms' in the selection bar.
Click 'Create' and choose from the available options.
Build your form.

Updating Your Roster

Log in to RamConnect at
Click on the club/organization in which you would like to edit a roster for.
Click on 'Members' in the left hand menu

To add a large number of members 
Click on 'Upload Members' in the drop-down menu if you would like to upload an entire Excel spreadsheet.
NOTE: You must follow the template/instructions for this option. If you choose to upload an entire membership roster, the new roster will supersede the current roster. 

To add one or a few members 
Click on members
In the upper right hand corner click on the blue button that says "add members". Look up and add members by their WCU email.
Make sure to click on the 'add' button after typing in the email.

RamConnect FAQs

RamConnect Training

Set Up Officer Elections

Creating and Building Events 

Identifying and Validating New Members 

video: How to Update Officers
video: RamConnect Channels
video: RamConnect Events
video: How to set up Officer Elections