Funding your Organization

On this page, you will find resources, policies, and procedures involving funding for your organization and other things monetary.

Please read the following documents for the full policies and procedures. Below includes breif overview of the policies and procedures relevant to funding student organizations. For specifics on how money can be used, please refer to these documents as well. 

Student Services, Inc (SSI)

SSI is a non-profit organization primarily designed to serve WCU students. SSI handles all financial matters for student organizations and campus activities at WCU.
SSI business office is located on the 2nd floor of Sykes Student Union in suite 259. The SSI service center is located on the lower level of Sykes Student Union. 

  • Organizations should go to the business office when they want to access their budgets and when requesting funds. All forms can be found in office or online.
  • The service center window is where organizations would make all deposits from fundraisers, dues, or any other club income. They can also request cash boxes there, along request ticketing services for events.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is funded via the Student Activity Fee. The Student Government Association Treasurer and Finance committee handles the following:

  • Assist the SGA treasurer in the preparation of the fiscal budget. 
  • Uphold the SGA Financial Policies and Procedures. 
  • Collect, record, and update the financial policies of all SGA recognized student organizations.  
  • Recommend to the senate allocations for auxiliary requests. 
  • Conduct a seminar on SGA Financial Policies and Procedures and the budgeting process at least once during the fall semester for all student organization treasurers.

Budgets - Funded from SGA

Budgeting Seminar Schedule (Mandatory)

Check the SGA webpage for the schedule when it is released.

You must be registered for and attend at least one seminar in order to submit a budget request form.


  1. For a club/organization to request funds, it must first have and maintain approved Bylaws of SGA prior to the request for funds
  2. Club/organizations’ membership shall be limited to persons who are full-time or part-time, activity fee paying students.
  3. Clubs/organizations that practice exclusion cannot be budgeted by SGA. Exclusion shall be defined as voting by the current membership to extend invitations for future membership.
  4. Clubs/organizations defined by the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement as “Greek Letter Organizations,” or “Honor Societies” shall not receive budgeted funds from SGA, with the exception of Greek Governing Councils. In addition, “Service Organizations” which practice exclusion shall not be budgeted.
  5. Organizations, defined by the office of student leadership and involvement as "Religious Organization" may receive funding for items/events that are deemed content neutral.
  6. Clubs/Organizations may only submit one (1) budget, regardless of any subdivisions. Subdivisions will consist of different levels, teams, or ensembles within the SGA recognized club/organization
  7. To be eligible for funding, SGA funded organization treasures must attend the annual mandatory SSI treasurer training and SGA budgeting seminars. Failure to attend these seminars, unless excused by written consent of the SGA treasurer or executive director of SSI, will result in an organization becoming ineligible to receive funds for the next fiscal year

Organizations approved within the previous spring or current fall semester are eligible to apply for up to $300 in funding for their first probationary year. 


All SGA-funded student organizations must have a treasurer elected or appointed on
or before the fall semester budgeting seminar.

To receive consideration for funding, the club/organization must properly complete and submit the budget request to the SSI executive director and SGA treasurer. The deadline date for submitting a budget request will be determined by the SGA treasurer. SGA funded organization treasurers and advisors will be notified by the Finance committee about the budgeting process in the Fall semester. 

Budget requests that are vague, incomplete or improperly prepared shall be returned to the organization submitting the request. That organization will need to resubmit a properly prepared budget request within the time specified by the SGA treasure to be considered for an allocation.

Budget requests shall include all anticipated gross income, expenditures, and carryover balances for the fiscal year.

The Finance committee may contact a club/organization’s treasurer during the budgeting process to answer questions concerning the budget request.

The SGA Finance committee and SGA treasurer will present the tentative budget for all organizations to the SGA Senate to be voted upon as a whole. After approval, the Finance committee will notify all organizations of their tentative budget allocations in The Quad newspaper.

Organizations may appeal their tentative budget allocations from the Finance committee by submitting notification of appeal, in writing, to the SGA treasure by the deadline set by the SGA treasurer and listed in the Quad newspaper.

Budget recommendations of the Finance committee are not final until approved by the SGA Senate, SSI Board of Directors, and the president of West Chester University. No club/organization will spend monies before approval by the president of West Chester University. The Finance committee may impose a penalty if money is spent or contracted before the final approval.


SGA Budgeting Guidelines (Link)

The following guidelines are to be used by the SGA Finance committee during the budgeting process. They do not govern the expenditures of student organizations, nor should they be used by student organizations to leave line-items out of their budgets. Organizations are encouraged to submit the full range of expenditures planned by the organization. Due to the large amount of funds requested, certain activities must take precedence during the budgeting process.

  1. The following line items, while being permissible expenditures, shall not be budgeted by the SGA Finance committee:
    • Clothing items/uniforms that are not made available to all members of an organization.
    • Newsletters for Members
    • Membership dues for individual members of the organization to a larger organization
    • More than (1) closed award banquet or social event for members only 
    • Donations to charity or other similar organizations 
    • Food for events or meetings that are not open to all WCU students
  2. The SGA Finance committee, before beginning the budget process, shall set the following guidelines:
    • Events determined by the Finance committee to be outside the organization’s purpose shall not receive funding for that event.
    • The number of speakers or guest artists per year and a dollar amount cap on each. These guidelines can be flexible or waived for organizations whose main purpose is to bring speakers to campus. If the speaker is paid, no money for food, travel, lodging, or gift shall be budgeted.
    • The number of trips taken per year is limited. A maximum cap will be set on conference expenses. Expenses that can be budgeted for are registration, travel, and lodging. Admission to events or attractions shall not be budgeted.
    • There is a limit to the number of events/concerts per year as well as a dollar amount cap. Publicity shall be budgeted, but not receptions before or after events. This item can be waived for programming organizations.
    •  Fundraising supplies can be budgeted, but not actual items to be sold
Other SSI Guidelines
  • There will be no funding for in-service training or professional development meetings, workshops, seminars, or conferences that have as their function the education of the faculty advisor and/or administrator of any club/organization.
  • There will be no funding for coaching equipment.
  • All clubs/organizations are expected to operate within the current year’s budgeted allocations. Deficit spending will not be allowed.
  • All organizations must seek approval from the SGA Executive committee and SSI Executive Director in order to use funds from spring commencement to the first day of fall semester.
  • Legal services are not to be budgeted for nor are they a permissible expenditure

Any unused budgeted funds revert back to the SSI reserve account at the end of the fiscal year. There shall be no rollover unless reported and approved by the SGA treasurer and the SSI executive director on an annual basis. 

Auxiliary Requests

A student organization recognized by the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement is eligible to apply for auxiliary funding. The Auxiliary Request Form (can be found on SGA's RamConnect page) should be used for an organization's treasurer to submit an auxiliary request.

Please take note of the following to consider before applying for auxiliary funding:

  • Auxiliary funding should be an organization's last resort for funding
  • An organization is permitted one (1) auxiliary allocation per academic semester
  • Auxiliary funding is not guaranteed and will be allocated at the discretion of the SGA Finance committee

All requests for auxiliary funds must be submitted a minimum of ten (10) business days before the funds are needed to be disbursed. Exceptions will be made only on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the SGA Finance committee.

Once an auxiliary request has been submitted it will be reviewed by the SGA treasurer. Approval of this form does not mean the auxiliary request has been granted, but rather that the SGA treasurer has received and reviewed the submission. Once this form has been approved, the SGA treasurer will contact the organization's treasurer to schedule a meeting with the SGA Finance committee. The full Auxiliary Request Procedure can be found in the SGA Financial Policies & Procedures.

Income (money coming into the organization)

All monies raised, donated, or collected must be deposited in gross to the club/organization’s SSI discretionary account. Any organization found to have money in an off-campus depository will have their current year’s budget frozen and possible forfeiture of the current year’s budget as well as the following year’s budget.

Venmo & Credit Cards

Student Services, Inc. offers the opportunity for student organizations to accept money for events via Venmo and Credit Card.

SSI has set up a general Venmo account for students to utilize. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT UTILIZE THEIR OWN VENMO OR OTHER SIMILAR ACCOUNTS FOR COLLECTING ORGANIZATION MONEY. If student organizations are accepting Venmo at an event, we ask that all individuals send their funds directly to our Venmo account (wcu-ssi). When sending money to the account, SSI requests that individuals write in the description box the organization's name and number and the reasoning behind the money being sent. This way when funds are reconciled SSI will know which organizations the funds are to go to and why. 

In order to request to use the Credit Card option student organizations will be asked to sign out one of the iPads offered in the SSI Business Office. The iPads both have the Credit Card services as well as the Venmo App. After an iPad has been returned to the office, funds earned for that prior event will show up at months end in the organization’s account balance.

**Please keep record of how much money is coming in the day/night or the event for your own records! This way you will know the estimated amount that should be entered into your account at the months end


In order to obtain a cash box and start-up money for an on-campus event (e.g. – bake sale, fashion show, dodgeball tournament, etc.), your student treasurer should notify the SSI Service Center (lower level of Sykes Student Union, 610-436-2266) at least one hour prior to the event but preferably 1-2 business days in advance.

The Cash start-up must be paid back the following business day. The funds that were raised from your event will then be deposited to your SSI account (minus the cash start-up). 

SSI Deposits

Any funds received by an SSI organization should be deposited at the SSI Service Center (located on the ground floor of Sykes Union) as soon as possible. This deposit slip may be downloaded and is also available at the SSI Service Center or the SSI Business Office.

Once a deposit has been made, it will take at least a week to show in your organization's account balance. 

*All monies raised, donated, or collected must be deposited in gross to the club/organization’s SSI discretionary account. Any organization found to have money in an off-campus depository will have their current year’s budget frozen and possible forfeiture of the current year’s budget as well as the following year’s budget.

Transfer of Funds to Other Organizations

Funds can only be transferred to other SGA recognized organizations with SSI accounts. Funds transferred to other SGA recognized organizations can be used to support service initiatives but cannot be used as a direct donation to any philanthropic or community-based charity. 

All monies transferred or donated from one (1) club/organization to another must be approved by a majority vote of the donating club/organization.

A Completed SSI Payment Voucher must be submitted to the SSI Business Office (2nd floor of Sykes).


SSI Credit Card

Student organizations can use the SSI credit card to make purchases. A Credit Card Request Form must be filled out with advisors' signature, submitted, and approved to use the card. All purchases will be made in the SSI Business Office by a staff member, the SSI credit card does not leave the SSI Business Office.

Minimum amount: $100
Maximum amount: $1,500 - Any purchase over that amount must be approved by the SSI Executive Director. 

Cannot be used for rental purchases or deposits. 

Payment Vouchers

SSI Payment Voucher Form
Voucher for Services

When paying a vendor or an individual person for a service, vouchers for these individuals must be filed out with their address, date of birth, and Social Security Number in order to process through our payroll department. 
In order for a check to be ready for individuals performing a service, the voucher must be submitted two weeks prior to the service.

Voucher for other items

Both treasurer and advisor need to sign voucher before turning in.
Receipts for purchase need to be attached to voucher.
Make sure to write a detailed description of what is being purchased and why. Please also include the organization's name and organization's number. Your organization's number can be found here.

Turn-around time for a check to be cut is 2-3 business days


An advance is typically made payable to an individual

Minimum amount: $100
Maximum amount: $350

Turn-around time for a check to be cut is 2-3 business days

The initial ADVANCE request does not require documentation, but receipts must be submitted back to the SSI Business Office within 5 days.

 If less money is spent than initially requested, it must be returned with the receipts. If more
money is spent, an additional voucher can be submitted for reimbursement


For any services from an outside vendor at your event, you must have a contract. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SIGN CONTRACTS WITH AN OUTSIDE AGENCY. 

SSI/SGA funded student organizations

All contracts and/or agreements with outside agencies for on or off campus events and programs must be approved and signed by the SSI executive director.

Non-SSI/SGA funded student organizations

All contracts and/or agreements with outside agencies for on campus events and programs must be signed by the executive director of SSI if the amount is over $300. 

All contracts and or agreements with outside agencies must be signed by the organization's faculty/staff advisor if the amount is $300 or under. 

Purchase Order Requests

Aramark, Krapf’s Bus & Coach along with Kelly’s Sports will not process any order until they receive a Purchase Order from the SSI Business office. Once a purchase order request (link) is filled out and returned a purchase order will then be generated. Payment to the vendor will be submitted with the Purchase Order approval.


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