West Chester University Symbols

University Seal

WCU Seal

The University Seal is used on official ceremonial and academic documents and on occasions such as Commencement and Convocation Programs.

University Logo

WCU Logo

The logo, which consists of a three-dimensional type font using West Chester University’s acronym, WCU, sitting on a “base” with the University’s full name, was adopted in May 2013. The solid, chiseled letters are a representation of the quality, excellence, and substance of the educational experience students receive at West Chester University. The base, which consists of strong parallel lines and the school’s name, symbolizes the sound foundation of the University itself and its enduring tradition as an educational institution.

Athletic Logo/Mascot

Athletic Logo Mascot

The "Golden Ram" is visible at athletic events and serves as the mascot and symbol of school spirit for West Chester University.

School Colors

Purple and Gold are the official colors of West Chester University.

Alma Mater

Listen to the Alma Mater | View the Alma Mater Sheet Music

West Chester, hail, all hail, noble and strong.
To thee with loyal hearts we raise our song,
Swelling to heaven high, our praises ring,
West Chester, hail, all hail, of thee we sing.

Majesty as a crown rest on thy brow;
Pride, honor, glory, love before thee bow;
Ne'er can thy spirit die, thy walls decay,
West Chester, hail, all hail, for thee we pray.

West Chester, hail, all hail, guide of our youth,
Lead thou thy children on to light and truth,
Thee, when we hence depart, others shall praise,
West Chester, hail, all hail, through endless days.
West Chester, hail, all hail, through endless days.

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