Frequently Asked Questions

What does a co-curricular transcript look like?

Check out Rammy's Ram Plan Co-curricular Transcript here

How can I check my Ram Plan Co-curricular Transcript?

Instructions can be found here.

How can I use my transcript?

Submit your co-curricular transcript with your academic transcript for internship, job, and graduate school applications. List your co-curricular experiences on LinkedIn and talk about what you learned from them during your interviews. 

Is the Ram Plan Co-curricular Experience required?

It is recommended that students create a plan for their co-curricular education. Co-curricular experiences often increase students' chances of success with jobs, internships, scholarships and graduate school. The University may also require participation in some co-curricular programs.

Do other universities have co-curricular experiences and transcripts?

Yes, this is a growing trend in higher education. Ours is one of the few that focus on student learning and incorporate programs across the entire university.

Where can I find information about the Ram Plan learning goals?

The rubric for each student learning goal can be found on the Student Affairs Assessment website

How are the focus areas defined?

Academic Engagement - Educational opportunities that support students in their academic exploration, planning, preparation, and experiential learning pursuits.

Career Readiness - Educational experiences that help students explore their identity and passions, cultivate long-term goals, and prepare for their future. 

Community Engagement - Educational experiences that prepare students to become active, civically engaged members of the university and in local, national and global communities. 

Health and Wellness - Educational opportunities for students to develop and advocate for emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, sexual, spiritual, occupational, multicultural, and social health and wellbeing. 

Involvement and Leadership - Educational experiences that integrate students into the university community and prepare them to lead. 

Social Justice - Educational experiences that engage students in addressing systems of oppression in the areas of equity, access, participation, and human rights. 

How do I choose a focus area?

Consider your personal interests and the programs that might best help you achieve your career and lifelong goals.

Can I pursue programs in more than one focus area?

Yes.  This is your personal co-curricular education plan . Design it to meet your interests and career needs to write your story. 

Do I have to attend programs in more than one focus area?

No. This is your personal co-curricular education plan . If you want to focus on one area, please feel empowered to do so.

How do I know if a program is for me?

Each program description in the co-curricular catalog provides information about the program and intended audience. You may also use the filter to search for programs designed for specific audiences.

Will more experiences be available for the transcript later?

Yes, experiences are added throughout the year so please check the co-curricular catalog and education plans regularly.

Can I recommend an experience be added to the Ram Plan?

Yes. Click here to submit your idea.

Can departments remove a program from the Ram Plan?

Yes. To do so, faculty/staff in the department need to complete this form.

Do I need to take the assessment?

If you would like the experience to show up on your co-curricular transcript, yes. After you have successfully completed the assessment, it will by added to your co-curricular transcript by the department that is hosting the experience.

How will I know whether or not I passed the assessment?

The department that is hosting the experience will notify you once they are finished scoring your assessment(s).

Can I re-take the assessment?

Possibly. Ask the department that is facilitating the experience.

How long do I have to re-take assessment?

The department that is hosting the experience can provide this information.

Can I appeal my assessment score?

Yes. The appeals process is available to students who were notified they did not pass the learning outcomes assessment. Students must submit an appeals form within 10 business days of receiving the notification. To submit an appeals form, click here.

How soon will the experience be added to my transcript?

Once you pass the assessment questions related to the learning outcomes, the program should show up on your transcript within 30 days.

Can I remove an experience from my transcript?

Yes. Click here to submit your request.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please send an email to or call 610-436-3301.