The Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Cup is a recognition program coordinated by Campus Recreation in collaboration with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to encourage widespread participation in intramural sports. All participating organizations must comply with eligibility requirements stated in the Intramural Sports Handbook in order to participate in the point system.

The FSL League will include teams comprised of social organizations registered by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and recognized by the Inter-Fraternity Council. Each team member must be a current, active member of their organization to be eligible to participate in this league.

In the event there are not enough teams to form a separate FSL League in a designated sport, the fraternity or sorority may still earn points by registering a team in the most competitive division in that offering. (Ex. Men’s High-Comp Basketball) 

Organizations can sign up MULTIPLE teams per sport but only one team will accumulate points towards the Recreation Cup. The point-earning team must be CONFIRMED prior to the first game of the regular season. If the organization wishes to have more than one team, the second/third team is subject to the sportsmanship policy and any negative scores will be assessed to the Fraternity or Sorority.

In the event a Co-Rec FSL league is offered, both organizations will each earn full points awarded. When registering, please clearly name the team with both organizations in the team name. (Ex. 6 on 6 volleyball – Pike/Delta Zeta)

In sports where both an FSL and Open/Women’s High-Comp league are available, the champion from each of these two leagues will compete in a unifying championship game. *This game does NOT count towards the point system*

In order for a team to be eligible for playoffs, they must have an average sportsmanship rating of 3.0 points (“B”) at the conclusion of the regular season for the league.  The average shall be calculated by adding each team’s rating for each game and then dividing by the number of scores added. A team’s regular season record will not be a determining factor for playoff eligibility.

Points are awarded to each team in designated sport offerings for wins, post-season final standings and sportsmanship. All points earned by a team in any leagues, tournament or individual sport will count towards the final points standings. The fraternity and the sorority with the highest point totals at the end of the academic year will be named champions of the Ram Recreation Cup. There will also be a second, cumulative sportsmanship rating standing. At the end of the academic year, the winning fraternity and sorority will each have their organization and year inscribed on their respective Cup to commemorate the achievement. A cup with the winning fraternity and sorority will also be displayed at the Student Recreation Center as well. Both standings will be updated and published on a monthly basis by the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.

Any league or tournament offering a FSL league will be awarded points. Please see the point breakdown below:

Competitive Points:

25 points for all wins

25 points for playoff byes

75 points for championships

25 points for runner–ups

Sportsmanship Points:

+10 for a 4.0 rating

+/-  for a 3.0 rating

-5 points for any rating below a 3.0

-10 points for any rating below a 2.0

-15 points for the first forfeit

-20 points for the second forfeit 

Cumulative Sportsmanship Rating Standing

The average sportsmanship rating shall be calculated by adding each teams’ rating for each game and then dividing by the number of scores added. Cumulative ratings will be calculated on a monthly basis.