Adventure Education

Welcome! The adventure education program is available to non-WCU students in the form of adventure education experiences or WCU students who take Introduction to Adventure-Based Education (KIN 101) or Adventure and Contemporary Activities (KIN 102).

Either way, the objective of adventure education is the same – to grow as an individual and as a member of a group. Participants will encounter a variety of physical and mental challenges yet through them enhance any number of “soft skills” including teamwork, communication, perseverance, problem solving and many others. The challenges are both suitable and enjoyable. Some take place on the ground while others may be many feet in the air. All challenge course experiences are individually developed to suit the needs and goals of the group.

Through the years, the adventure education program has welcomed corporate groups, religious groups, school students, school administrators and teachers, day camps, Greek organizations, athletic teams and families. Each has seen the value of hands-on learning done in the beautiful outdoors. We encourage you to learn more and plan your own experience.

The cost of adventure experiences varies based on several factors including size of the group, activities selection, affiliation with WCU and length of program. Please contact either coordinator of the adventure program for more information on pricing.

Coordinators of the Adventure Program


Ground Initiatives

Ground initiatives take place on the ground but do not be fooled by their commonplace name, they are often quite challenging and can promote learning as much as low or high initiatives. Our adventure facilitators can employ a seemingly limitless number of activities depend on a group’s needs and goals.

Low Elements

These challenges do involve getting your feet off the ground and often employ permanent structures designed for challenge courses. Some sample activities include: spider’s web, team wall, zig-zag, giant’s finger, Mohawk walk, animal house, board room, wild woozy and several others.

High Elements

These challenges take place higher off the ground and involve the use of a harness and belay system. WCU is fortunate to have an outstanding array of low and high elements. We have a large ropes/pole course that combines nine individual elements starting on the ground and ending high in the air. We have a smaller pole course that includes seven individual adventure elements. There are several other high elements scattered around campus or alongside the Gordon Nature Area including a rock climbing wall, pamper pole, giant’s ladder, swing by choice, free rappel (available in 2016) and spaceloops.


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