Student Employees and Graduate Assistants Use of University Vehicles

  • NUMBER: 353
  • DISTRIBUTION: WCU Departments
  • ISSUED BY: Executive Director of Facilities Management
  • EFFECTIVE: October 15, 2006 (Revised)
  1. Overview: To clarify under which conditions student employees and graduate assistants are eligible to operate University vehicles.
  2. Purpose: To address the required qualifications for student employees or graduate assistants to drive University vehicles, the purposes for which their driving is allowable, and the required authorization.
  3. Prohibitions: Students (unless in University paid employee status) are not permitted to operate a University vehicle at any time. Allowing students or other non-University individuals to operate University vehicles is in violation of University policy and poses a financial risk for these unauthorized drivers as the Commonwealth"s insurance program does not insure them.

    Students employed under the College Work Study program are not permitted to drive University-owned vehicles at any time. Please see the State Work Study Policy

    Use of University vehicles by student groups or clubs is prohibited. Requests for vehicle use by clubs or student organizations funded by the Student Government Association should be addressed through the SSI Business Office.
  4. Policy:
    1. West Chester University (WCU) Motor Pool vehicles are to be used only for official University business.
    2. The trip must be scheduled in advance, submitted by the sponsoring department and approved per the attached authorization form.
    3. The sponsoring supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the student employee or graduate assistant meets all of the following criteria prior to requesting authorization:
      1. Possess a current valid driver's license.
      2. Be at least 21 years of age.
      3. Be a part-time, payrolled WCU student employee or graduate assistant (but not a College Work Study appointee)
      4. The driving assignment is part of this student employee's or graduate assistant's normal University job duties.
      5. Will be paid by the University while performing the driving duties.
      6. Has received, reviewed, and accepted all vehicle use policies and guidelines.
    4. Generally, drivers of University vehicles are required to display a WCU Faculty/Staff ID card. Requests for part-time student employees (other than Work Study students) or graduate assistants to drive University vehicles must be initiated by the supervising sponsor and approved in advance by both the divisional Vice President and the Vice President for Finance and Administration using the attached form: “Request for Authorization for Part-time Student Employee and/or Graduate Assistant to Drive a University Vehicle.”
    5. Requests to drive a 15-passenger van require the completion of the van driving certification process. Please see the WCU 15-Passenger Van Policy or Contact the Motor Pool Supervisor at x2434 for details.
    6. WCU Motor Pool Policy for additional rules and regulations concerning the use of all WCU Motor Pool ehicles.
    7. Please see the WCU Vehicle Policy.
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