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Shuttle Bus

The University provides round trip bus service from North to South Campus during the Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters while classes are in session. Service begins at 7:15 a.m. on weekdays and at 10:00 a.m. on weekends. Service ends daily at 2:15 a.m.

  • Summer Session service is limited to Sessions I & II only.  See Services and Schedules for more information.

Please be advised that it is not feasible to use shuttle bus services between North and South Campus within the standard 10-minute class break. Students should plan and develop class schedules that allow time to be transported between the two campuses through the use of open class periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the buses run?

The North/South campus shuttles run:

  • Monday through Friday 7:15 a.m. – 2:15 a.m.
  • Weekends 10:00 a.m. – 2:15 a.m.

For other shuttle service days/times, see Services and Schedules.

What are the on-campus bus routes?

  • All Stops – Stops at all designated stops plus upon request stops.
  • SHSC Express – Express service from Church Street to SHSC via Wayne Hall.
  • Q Lot Express – Express service from Q Lot to Wayne Hall.
  • East Campus Loop – Church Street to East Campus locations.

See North/South Campus Shuttles: Fall and Spring Semesters on the Services and Schedules page for the service days/times of each route. The Bus Stop Maps page provides a map of each route with bus stops.

Where can I find the Schedules?

All Shuttle Bus schedules can be found on the Services and Schedules page.

Are there any off-campus routes? 

Click on the available off-campus route of interest on the Services and Schedules page.

Are there any shuttles into town?

Yes.  See the Services and Schedules page for information on the Uptown Loop.

Where are the bus stops?

The Bus Stop Maps page provides a map of each route with bus stops. 

Can you add more stops on Church Street? 

Unfortunately, no. We’ve investigated along with the bus company and there are no safe, open spaces for the buses to pull over to pick up and drop off passengers.

Do any SEPTA or ChesCo buses stop on campus?

The SEPTA 104 stops along High Street & at SOMPAC in M Lot and provides local service to Philadelphia.

The SEPTA 92 stops along High Street and goes to the Exton Mall.     

The ChesCo SCCOOT bus stops on New Street, just north of Rosedale Avenue, connecting West Chester to WCU, Kennett Square, West Grove, and other destinations to Oxford.

Why does the bus leave when I'm running for it?

When the driver is trying to merge into traffic, they are looking in their driver’s side mirror so they may safely enter the travel lane. You may think they see you, but their attention is on the other side of the bus.

For everyone’s safety, they have been instructed not to pick up passengers away from the curb.

Where do I find information on bus changes due to inclement weather?

  • The WCU Homepage has WCU weather related information.
  • The WCU Shuttle app has an Announcements. Alerts are posted there as soon as they are available.

Why are the buses so crowded?

During change of class times, the volume of passengers peaks and strains capacity. Travel while classes are in session is typically lighter with excess seating. When possible, plan trips for less busy periods.

Why do buses sometimes arrive in pairs, or worse in threes?


When a bus is late, it may pick up more passengers. Any subsequent buses are not slowed by picking up passengers because the lead bus has them.

WCU tries to combat bus bunching by having buses wait at both Church Street and the SC Apartments.  It may seem that the buses are idling for no reason, but spacing the buses does help with bunching.

How can I contact you?

Via e-mail at:


Via phone: 610-436-1053 (M-F, 7a-3p)

During off hours, leave a voicemail message.

We respond to all calls and messages.

How do I call the bus to R lot?

There is a post with a button and instructions located next to the R Lot bus shelter. 

Is R Lot Safe?

Always follow normal safety precautions. You  may sit in the car with doors locked until you see the bus approach. 

Call Public Safety 610-436-3311 if you have any concerns.

Do you have Handicap Accessible Transportation?

Yes. WCU has a wheelchair accessible bus to transport students with permanent or temporary mobility impairments to and from on-campus locations.

Students can get qualified at the Student Health Center or the Office for Students with Disabilities, then make a reservation request from our Accessible Transportation page.  Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

How many people ride the bus?

According to the Fall 2018 Bus Survey, an estimated 771,372 passenger trips are made during the Spring and Fall semesters.

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