Temporary Document Holding Procedure

  1. Document holding space is extremely limited. Therefore, only official University records which must be maintained by Commonwealth or Federal law will be stored. These records can only be held for the time required by Commonwealth or Federal law for that class of documents.
  2. All document boxes must contain a destruction date. Because of space limitations, the Records Storage unit cannot accept documents for permanent storage.
  3. To submit a box of records for storage:
    1. Go to Records Storage.
    2. Complete the Records Long-Term Storage form and click on "Continue."
    3. Review the Verify Records Storage Information page and click on "Submit."
    4. The next page will display the Accession Number for the box of records you are submitting.
    5. Each box of records must be assigned a separate Accession Number. If you are submitting more than one box, click on "Submit Another Box" in the top right corner of the Accession Number page. All previous information will be carried over so that you can quickly change the Description field and submit.
    6. You will also receive an email confirming your submittal.
    7. Note: On the Records Storage home page, you may click on Department List to review a list of all the records currently being stored from your department.
    8. Prepare each box of records as follows:
  4. Place a copy of Accession Number page in the box before closing, and keep a copy for your record.
  5. Write the Accession Number with a black magic marker on the blank end and both sides of the box. Write bold, legible letter and numbers at least 1” high.
  6. All stored documents must be held in letter-size “banker” boxes. The Accession Number should be the only marking on the outside of the box.
  7. Submit a Work Request via iServiceDesk to Support Services requesting that your box(es) be picked up and transported to the secure storage area.
  8. In any communication with the Records Storage Office {MovingRecordsStorage @ wcupa.edu) concerning this box, please refer to this Accession Number.
  9. If the box ever needs to be retrieved, on the left menu panel of the Records Storage home page: click on the Retrieve Box button, and follow the instructions.
  10. When the specified Destruction Date has passed, the contents of the box will automatically be shredded by a bonded shredding company. Your department will not be notified of this action.