Pest Control

  • Hours of Operation:
  • 7:00am - 3:00pm
  • Supervisor:
  • Stephen McStravick

Please call the Work Control Center at 610-436-2444 for inquiries and do not call the shop directly.

West Chester University uses a licensed pest control service to monitor and prevent our most common pests, year round. Our pest control contractor is on campus every Wednesday to respond to service requests.  Urgent calls are expected to be addressed as soon as possible.  Pest treatment is provided at no cost to you.  Services typically include problems such as:

  • Insects and rodents inside buildings
  • Rodents outside, near, buildings and waste collection sites
  • Removal of birds and other small animals unable to exit buildings
  • Odor complaints where removal of a dead animal is required
  • Bee/hornet/wasp/yellow jacket nests inside or outside buildings. 

Please report all pest sightings using the Facilities Management iService Desk, or to your Building Administrator.  Cooperation can greatly affect the success of pest management:

  • Keep all food or drink in pest proof containers (hard plastics, glass, or metal).
  • Keep all dorm rooms, offices, and classrooms as clean as possible.  Immediately clean up all food and liquid spills.
  • Minimize any standing water.  Report plumbing leaks to Maintenance for repair.
  • Monitor your living/work areas for pests. Monitoring identifies problems areas which can then be targeted for treatment.
  • Avoid leaving doors and windows to buildings open for long durations of time, or overnight.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs – small, brown-red oval-shaped, often found in mattresses, sheets, and clothing –are increasingly common in the United States. They are extremely difficult to eradicate and require professional treatment, so residents are urged to report any suspicion of bed bugs immediately by submitting a service request via the iService Desk.  Read more information about bed bugs.

What should I do if I suspect bed bugs are in my room?

  • Anyone can get bed bugs- so there is no need to panic!  Immediately notify the Residence Life staff in your building/complex and they will make arrangements to initiate treatment with our exterminator, Aardvark Pest Control Services, Inc.  Please note: it is not necessary to change rooms if you have bed bugs as they can travel from room to room.

How are bed bugs controlled?

  • Controlling bed bugs is very difficult and labor intensive.  It is a management process best left to professionals who will intensively treat your residence hall room using a combination of methods that can include steam equipment, dusts, liquid chemicals, mattress covers and vacuums.  This process often requires multiple treatments to achieve maximum control.  Because bed bugs and eggs are small and can remain hidden during treatment, is not uncommon to see a bed bug after treatment.  Please remember that this is a process that takes time. 


Live Animals

While rare, animals such as raccoons, possums, skunks and bats may occasionally get inside or too close to campus buildings.  If you notice an animal where it shouldn’t be, avoid contact and immediately call Custodial Services at (610) 436-2851, or Public Safety at (610) 436-3311.

Requesting Service

To request service, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Maintenance RequestiService Desk.

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