Mowing Schedule

Note: Schedules may be changed due to adverse weather conditions and scheduled events.

Central Campus Area

  • Monday: McCarthy block, Sharpless Garage, Filano, 1315, 25 University, Mitchell & McCarthy Hall.
  • Tuesday: Ruby Jones, Phillips, All around Phillips, One side of Sculpture, Field between Phillips & New Main.
  • Wednesday: Front of New Main, Old Library, New Library, All around Anderson, Recitation, Other side of Sculpture.
  • Thursday: Make-up mowing day or project day.
  • Friday: Make-up mowing day or project day.

East Campus

  • Monday: E.O.Bull, Swope Music Building and The Performing Arts Center, 823 High Street.
  • Tuesday: Matlack Fields, outside of Fields, parking garage.
  • Wednesday: Carter Drive, Warehouse, 201-203 Rosedale.
  • Thursday: Tanglewood.
  • Friday: Make up day or Field marking day.

West Campus Area

  • Monday: Alumni House, Admissions, Graduate Admissions, 809 & 811 Roslyn, Sykes, 114 Rosedale, North Campus Tennis Courts.
  • Tuesday: Killinger, Wayne, Schmidt, Sanderson, University, and Lawrence Hall.
  • Wednesday: Hollinger Field House, Water Tower Area, Speakman, Peoples.
  • Thursday: Ramsey, Tyson, and Goshen Hall and Nields Street Lot.
  • Friday: Make-up mowing day or project day.

South Crew

  • Monday: Area surrounding field 311, 312 and 314, Field 315.
  • Tuesday: South Campus Field House, Area surrounding field 308, climbing area 333, outside Farrell Stadium
  • Wednesday: Farrell Stadium, McCoy House, McCoy Field, McCoy Barn, Area along Tigue Road.
  • Thursday: Coaches House, Field 316, Glen Echo House, Deli, Building S831, S833, S835, S837, S839.
  • Friday: Building S840, S842, S844, S846, S848, S850, S852.
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