15-Passenger Van

Rent from the Motor Pool Department!

A limited number of 15-passenger vans are available to rent from the Motor Pool Department on a first-come, first-served basis for faculty, staff and student-employees to use on official university business. Individuals must comply to all WCU vehicle policies and complete the 15-Passenger Van Safety Orientation Program before renting or driving any university-owned 15-passenger vans.

Register for 15-passenger Van Training

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15-Passenger Van Safety Orientation Program

The 15-Passenger Van Safety Orientation Program is conducted jointly by the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department and the Motor Pool Office. The safety program consists of two parts, an online course and driver training. Prospective drivers must meet the requirements outlined in the WCU Vehicle and provide a cost center for the online training portion of the program.


Contact the Motor Pool Office to sign up for the online training course, a cost center is required.

Online Training:

  • Participants will receive a password to Fleet Defense (WCU’s contracted online course).
    • The online course includes a series of quizzes and instructional material.
  • Once course is complete, send the automated completion certificate to the Motor Pool Office to set up the driving portion of the training program.

Driving Training:

  • Motor Pool Office will send an email to appropriate contact in EHS stating the driver is ready to participate in the driving portion of the program.
    • It is up to the driver to plan to meet with the EHS member at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Driving Training components include trip planning, loading evenly, safe backing, city driving, highway driving, using off-ramps, parking, and special situations.

Program Completion:

  • After successful completion of the driving portion of the training program, EHS will notify the Motor Pool Office that the driver has successfully demonstrated the ability to handle 15-passenger vans.
  • Driver’s name will be added to the list of authorized users.