Chargeable and Non-Chargeable Work

Chargeable Work

  • Installation, maintenance, and repairs to special use departmental furnishing and equipment.
  • Painting not included on the cyclical schedule; custom colors.
  • Keys for new employees and replacement keys; core changes.
  • Services required for the set-up of events involving fundraisers, conferences, and external camps.
  • Hanging personal pictures and items on the wall.
  • Building and assembly of furniture purchased by department.
  • Landscaping for aesthetic purposes of the campus.
  • Projects.
  • Non-routine Custodial services such as vandalism in residence halls.

Non-Chargeable Work

  • Routine maintenance and repairs of all buildings and infrastructure and their related components.
  • Painting included on the cyclical schedule; standard colors.
  • Keys for newly renovated or purchased buildings; broken keys.
  • Services required for the set-up of campus events.
  • Landscaping for specific academic purposes.
  • Grounds maintenance and snow removal.
  • Routine Custodial services.
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