WCU Asbestos Waste Holding Container Policy

When placing asbestos waste in the holding container, the following steps in this policy are to be complied with:

  1. Asbestos containing materials (ACM) placed in the storage space must be in sealed, leak-tight containers, typically double 6 mil poly bags pre-labeled with the regulation asbestos warning.
  2. A WCU Internal Chain Of Custody form that has been approved by the Environmental Health & Safety Department is to be filled out for each container (or group of containers) associated with a given project. Once the containers have been placed in the storage space, copies of the Chain Of Custody are to be filed with the Plant Operations and the University's EH&S department, as indicated on the form.
  3. For the Plant Operations Department purposes, when bags or other containers of ACM are placed in the storage space they are to be logged on the Asbestos Waste Container Log located on the inside of the container door.
  4. Containers of ACM may only be accepted into the storage space by the Boiler Plant Manager, the Asbestos Removal Team Foreman, the Facilities Safety Coordinator or the Director of the EH&S Department. The person responsible for receiving the ACM into the storage space must sign the Chain Of Custody form indicating they have received the containers.
  5. In addition to the regulation warning, the containers and/or bags are to be labeled with the following:

West Chester University

201 Carter Drive

West Chester, PA 19383

Environmental Health & Safety Department


Project Name:


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