Procedure for Assisting Physically-Challenged Students in Snow and Ice Conditions

During and after snow and ice storms, making parking spaces for the physically-challenged, sidewalks, building entrances, loading areas, and crosswalks accessible to students with disabilities is a high priority at West Chester University. In preparation for these events, the following procedures will be followed:

  • By mid-October of each year the Office of Educational Accessibility will provide the Director of Facilities Support Services with a list of mobility impaired students who are enrolled for the Fall Semester, including the loading and unloading locations of commuter students. 
  • Residence Life and Housing will provide information on the number of impaired students in each residence hall, the nature of their impairments, and, if they have a car on campus, the usual location where they park.  These lists will be updated in January to include any changes for the Spring Semester.

When a snow or ice storm occurs, Grounds Maintenance and Custodial Services will begin snow and ice removal operations as early as possible in accordance with the University's Snow and Ice Removal Plan. The Snow and Ice Removal Plan lists the following items as being the highest priority during snow/ice removal operations:

  • Building fire exits
  • Fire hydrants Mobility access ramps
  • Curb cuts
  • Building entrances

The general approach used by Grounds Maintenance in snow/ice removal is to first open up access for students from their residence halls to Lawrence Dining Center. Then attention is turned to creating access from the residence halls to the academic buildings. Using the access routes delineated in the Mobility-Impaired Parking Map as a guide, Grounds Maintenance will open up one access route from each residence hall which houses an impaired student. This first route opened up will be selected based on speed of clearing and meeting the widest range of mobility-impaired students' needs. Curb cuts and unloading points for commuter students will also be addressed early in the removal process.

Custodial Services is responsible for providing access to building entrances and ramps. They typically focus on entrances to academic buildings during the night and then work on the entrances to residence halls in the early morning so they are clear when students are leaving for Lawrence or class. As soon as practical, access will be cleared to and around the cars belonging to resident disabled students.

Because of possible unexpected refreezing ice and drifting snow, students are encouraged to use the assistance of a friend whenever possible.

In instances where conditions are still hazardous and it is not advisable for students to leave the residence hall, they may contact ARAMARK to have a take-out meal prepared. In order to get to class during times of hazardous conditions, students may call Public Safety (x3311) for transportation assistance.

Students are encouraged to report access problems to the University's Winter Storm Hotline: 610-436-3200 (on campus dial: x3200)