Materials and Tutorials

Introductory Materials and Reports


Success Navigator Demo Screenshot

This is a 4 minute narrated video that provides a high-level understanding/overview of the assessment.

Success Navigator Research Video Screenshot

This 2 ½ minute narrated video explains the research behind the assessment and how a holistic understanding of the student contributes to student retention success.

Success Navigator

This video interviews administrators, advisors, and actual students on their perceptions of the assessment.

SuccessNavigator Tutorial Series

SuccessNavigator Ch 1

Chapter 1: Student Success & Holistic Assessment (11 minutes)

Success Navigator Ch 2

Chapter 2: Understanding the Essentials of the SuccessNavigator® Assessment (8 minutes)

Success Navigator Ch3

Chapter 3: Using the SuccessNavigator® Assessment for Student Advising (5 minutes)

Success Navigator Ch 4.

Chapter 4: Using the SuccessNavigator® Assessment in Course Placement Decisions (6 minutes)

Success Navigator Ch 5

Chapter 5: Using the SuccessNavigator® Assessment for Institutional Planning for Success (8 minutes)

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