Standard II

Link to Middle States Commission on Higher Education Standard II Criteria


Workgroup Members

Name Title
Nicole Bennet * Vice Provost for Sponsored Research & Programs
Lisa Millhous * Associate Professor of Communication – Former President of faculty union
Radha Pyati * Dean of the College of the Sciences and Mathematics
Beatrice Adera Associate Professor & Chair of Special Education
Carla Davis Systems Technical Analyst
Tammy Hilliard-Thompson Assistant Director, Office of Student Conduct
Seth Kahn Professor of English
Matin Katirai Associate Professor of Geography & Planning
Ann Kennedy Assistant to the Dean, College of Arts & Humanities
Jeanne Read Associate Director of Student Financial Services

*denotes a tri-chair for the workgroup

Lines of Inquiry

Do the University’s operations reflect a sustained commitment to ethics and integrity?

  1. How does the University demonstrate an inclusive approach toward promoting and supporting the following:
    1. diverse perspectives and corresponding thought
    2. student success and learning?
  2. Are the University’s policies reflective of fair and equitable practices?
  3. Is the University honest and accurate in its communication to internal and external stakeholders?
  4. How do our communications, services, and programs for our students and prospective students regarding affordability, accessibility, and debt reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?