Standard I - Mission and Goals

Link to Middle States Commission on Higher Education Standard I Criteria


Workgroup Members

Name Title
Julie Dietrich * Executive Director of External Relations
Tracey Ray Robinson * Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Heather Schugar * Professor of Literacy – Faculty Senate
Cristobal Cardemil-Krause Associate Professor of Languages & Cultures
Kathleen DiJoseph Assistant Executive Director of Facilities, Design, & Construction
Megan Jerabek Assistant Vice President for Academic Systems & University Registrar
Carolyn Meehan Associate Professor of Nursing
Monica Zimmerman Professor of Management

*Denotes a tri-chair for the workgroup

Lines of Inquiry

  1. How does the WCU mission and institutional goals shape the following:
    1. student success and learning,
    2. diversity, equity and inclusion,
    3. and financial strength?
  2. How was the mission and institutional goals created, approved, and communicated?
  3. How are the mission and institutional goals reviewed and assessed?