TeP - Tenure and Promotion 2022-2023

  • Kristen Crossney (Chair): CBPM, Public Policy Administration
  • Casey Bohrman: CESW, Graduate Social Work
  • Jade Burris: CESW, Early & Middle Grades
  • Marc Gagne: CSM, Earth and Space Sciences
  • Harry Holt: CHS, Health
  • Lauri Hyers: CSM, Psychology
  • Orhan Kara: CBPM, Economics & Finance
  • Tim Sestric: Non-Classroom, University Libraries
  • John Taylor: CHS, Nursing
  • Dominik Wolff: CAH, Languages and Cultures
  • Open: CAHU (special election fall 2022)

CAPC - Curriculum and Academic Policies Council 2020-2021

  • Francis Atuahene: Chair, CAPC (Exploratory Studies)
  • Josh Auld: Vice Chair, CAPC (Biology)
  • Sue Johnston: Recording Secretary, CAPC (Anthropology and Sociology)
  • Karen Mitchell: Chair, General Education Committee (Psychology)
  • Vanessa Johnson: Chair, Graduate Programs and Policies Committee; Interim Dean of the Graduate School
  • Elizabeth Pfaffle: Chair, Academic Review Committee (Instrumental Music)
  • Giovanni Casotti: Chair, Undergraduate Policies Committee (Biology)
  • Scott Heinerichs: Chair, Undergraduate Programs Committee; Dean of the College of Health Sciences
  • Jeffery Osgood: (ex-officio), Deputy Provost & Vice President for Academic Operations

SaLe Committee 2022-2023

  • Roger Gatchet, Communcation and Media, May 2024
  • Emily Bullock, Vocal and Keyboard, May 2023
  • Matt Saboe, Economics and Finance, May 2025
  • Guohua Jiang, Management, May 2023
  • Jacqueline Van Schooneveld (Co-Chair), Early and Middle Grades Education, May 2025
  • Harry Holt, Health, May 2024
  • Deborah Mandel, Nursing, May 2024
  • Michael Fisher, Mathematics, May 2023
  • Greg Turner, Biology, May 2025
  • Rachel McMullin (Co-Chair), University Libraries, May 2024

ARC - Academic Recognition Committee 2021-2022

  • Jade Burris, Early & Middle Grades
  • Maria Cabrera, Languages and Cultures
  • Constance Case, Theatre and Dance
  • Carl Cranmer, Applied Music
  • Ally Drames, Graduate Student, President GSA
  • Cheryl Gunter, Administrative Representative
  • Lynn Klingensmith, Director for Equity and Compliance
  • Ed Lordan, Communication Studies
  • Mike Markowski, Health
  • Amanda Olejarski, Public Policy and Administration
  • Jenn Raskauskas, Literacy
  • Paul Rotenberry, Management (ARC Chair)
  • Jessica Sowa, Biology
  • Bahar Ulupinar, Economics
  • Christine Williams, Health

Tenure and Promotion Workshop Committee 2020-2021

  • Danielle Skaggs - Chair, Non-classroom, Library
  • Jennifer Means, College of Heath Sciences, CSD
  • Jackie Hodes, CESW, Ed foundations
  • Jen Bacon, Academic Affairs Appointed, Dean of Arts & Humanities
  • Vicki Tischio, Former TeP Appointed, English
  • Vincent Craig,  ASPCUF Appointed, Applied Music
  • Bahar Ulupinar, College of Business and Public Management, Economics and Finance
  • Maria Ola Kopacz, College of Arts and Humanities, Communication and Media
  • Erin Hill, College of Sciences and Mathematics, Psychology
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