Student Learning Assessment

West Chester University engages in student learning assessment to ensure the continued quality and relevance of its programs and services and to conform to national and regional standards for high quality educational programs as laid out by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education as well as numerous specialized accrediting bodies.

Assessment of student learning leads to more clearly defined syllabi, better grading strategies that accurately measure a student's progress, and improved teaching techniques that help each academic program determine the best strategies to reach their students.

Assessment processes at WCU are decentralized. Each department and/or program oversees student learning outcomes in their programs through the execution of their program level assessment plan. The plans are developed in accordance with the CAPC Assessment Policy and the institutional rubric related to program assessment planning. The University Assessment Advisory Committee (UAAC), in conjunction with the respective college’s Association Dean, evaluates these plans on an annual basis through the Assurnce of Student Learning (ASL) Initiative. Click on the assurance of student learning link below for more information regarding this process.