Diversity 411

Mission Statement/Description of Presentation

The Diversity 411 Program is coordinated by the Office for Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion. Diversity 411 Workshops are based on Dr. Maura Cullen's "35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say," and gives students an opportunity to engage in diversity dialogues, build healthy communication alternatives, and broaden their perspectives about diversity issues.

Vision/Learning Objectives

  • Help students build healthy communication alternatives when interacting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Create an atmosphere where students from underrepresented groups feel welcomed and accepted in higher education.

Bringing Diversity 411 to you!

The Diversity 411 is facilitated by Mr. Hiram G. Martinez and can come to your classroom or organization to facilitate a Diversity 411 Workshop. This workshop can:

  • increase diversity awareness around campus
  • encourage diversity dialogue
  • promote the respect and acceptance of students from different cultural, religious, and sexual orientation backgrounds
  • create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students from diverse backgrounds

If you interested in hosting or attending a Diversity 411 Workshop, please

contact Mr. Martinez


Students in a class room

Dr. Maura Cullen presentation at WCU