West Chester Together
A Community Partnership


Who we are

West Chester Together is a partnership of West Chester University and the greater West Chester community.

Our Purpose

West Chester Together cultivates and deepens a sense of pride for our community, instills a commitment to civic engagement and responsibility, and encourages everyone to enjoy a thriving West Chester. We bring people together to strengthen the community for everyone.

Promoting What We Love about West Chester

West Chester is an amazing place to live, work, play, and learn. West Chester is:

  • Vibrant: West Chester’s events, parks, schools, local businesses, and wide range of creative places and recreational opportunities make it an exciting and accessible place for people of all ages.
  • Charming: The historic prestige, brick sidewalks, walkability, and overall charm make it a beautiful and distinctive place.
  • Neighborhood-driven: West Chester is a community of neighborhoods, and is home to wonderfully diverse people that make each neighborhood special.
  • Community-oriented: People share a sense of responsibility for making West Chester a continually better place.
  • Growing: The Borough and the University are both growing, and they are growing together, offering ever-expanding opportunities for the people who live, work, play, and learn in West Chester.

West Chester Together is proud to be involved in the following community events:

Upcoming Events



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