Sustainability Peer Educators (SPE)



What Are SPEs?

WCU Sustainability Peer Educators (SPEs) are undergraduate students hired to help organize and lead sustainability education and outreach programs on campus. SPEs are primarily responsible for developing and implementing sustainability-focused events and programming to inform and educate students on campus on how to live with more sustainable values. SPEs may also assist with other sustainability-related initiatives of the WCU Sustainability Council, the Office of Sustainability, and organizations with similar ideals. The position of the SPE was created to promote a thorough understanding of sustainability by emphasizing the interconnections between the environmental, social, and economic aspects of our local and global societies. SPEs work to encourage their peers to embrace sustainability principles and promote conscious, healthy, and just futures for all.


Mission and Vision

SPEs Devon and Alden at the 2024 Sustainability Showcase

Sustainability Peer Educators (SPEs) envision a campus where all students have adopted and practice sustainable values and principles in their everyday lives. Whether it be through smaller switches or larger initiatives, the goal is to increase awareness and knowledge amongst campus peers. SPEs strive to communicate ideals in a way that allows students with and without prior knowledge about sustainability to get involved with events and adapt certain ideals to merge with the overarching goals of WCU’s Carbon Neutrality Plan.

Through classroom education, event and workshop activities, and being visible to students, our peer educators strive to start the conversation about sustainability concerning social, economic, and of course, environmental aspects. SPEs strive to help students make connections between the values of the three pillars and their own lives to help, “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” - United National Brundtland Commission, 1987


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Peer Education

Sustainability Peer Educators (SPEs) work to educate campus peers on sustainability and its pillars, and how that relates to living on campus and everyday life. Please contact GA Jenna Speicher to request an SPE to visit your classroom or organization’s meeting to discuss adopting more sustainability-related values


Upcoming Events

Check back for more events in Fall 2024!

Past Events 


brandywine activism workshop

eating workshop



 confronting climate anxiety

jobs in sustainability

cruise to campus

create trails in the GNA



Student Brandywine Project Sessions

Named after the Brandywine Creek watershed, WCU's Student Brandywine Project innovates by comprehensively integrating the local and global with the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability. These workshops provide a space for both students who are well-versed and new to concepts of environmental, social, and economic sustainability, to grow in their knowledge and impact for good. The Student Brandywine Project Workshops/Sessions focus on an overarching topic in the larger community and aim to educate students to adopt more sustainable values.

2024 Student Brandywine Workshops focused on sustainable eating habits and activism. Check back here in the Fall for future sessions!

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